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Here's The Actress Rihanna Wants To Play Her In A Biopic

Rihanna is a legitimate force to be reckoned with, and we're all lucky to be living in her world. Since she rose to prominence for her chart-busting, Grammy-winning songs, the starlet has expanded her horizons, launching the prominent Fenty brand. At the age of 36, Rihanna has consistently proven herself as a trailblazer and innovator in various industries. Unsurprisingly, the billionaire is already thinking about her legacy and how she wants to be remembered, especially on the silver screen. In an interview with E! News, Rihanna revealed she wants rising star Taylor Russell to play her in a biopic.

Rihanna's reasoning is simple. "She's got a nice forehead and she's fly and I feel like I want to be her, so I want her to pretend to be me," she said. "I want people to see me in that light. Just gorgeous, she's stunning." While she's not a major household name just yet, Russell is quickly climbing Hollywood's ranks thanks to her slew of diverse and exciting roles. In addition to acting, Russell has become well-respected model, lending her talents to magazines like Vogue Italia and brands such as Prada. What's surprising is that Rihanna, being the multi-hyphenate talent that she is, isn't interested in starring in her own biopic. The pop icon has appeared in a number of films, like "Battleship" and a hidden gem starring Donald Glover that's available on Prime Video

While she's taken a step back from acting in recent years, Rihanna ended her long hiatus from music with a track for "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" in 2022. 

Who is Taylor Russell?

You might not know who Taylor Russell is, but you've likely seen something she's been a part of. After a series of minor and supporting television appearances, Russell landed a brief role in the Zoey Deutch film "Before I Fall" in 2017. In the following years, Russell got a headlining role in Netflix's sci-fi series "Lost in Space," in which she stars as Judy Robinson, the eldest daughter of Maureen (Molly Parker). The series ran for three seasons and wrapped up in 2021.  

Russell's first major starring role in a film was in the Sony Pictures horror flick "Escape Room." A teen-friendly riff on "Saw," the 2019 film went on to become a major box office success, grossing over $155 million worldwide. Russell began to dabble in indie fare that same year, headlining A24's "Waves." The year 2021 saw the star return for an "Escape Room" sequel. She then had a major role in Luca Gudagino's 2022 flick "Bones and All," which co-stars Timothée Chalamet. A love story, the film positions Russell and Chalamet as two young cannibals navigating through the United States. Looper critic Reuben Baron gave "Bones and All" a 7.5/10, particularly praising Russell and Chalamet's dynamite chemistry. 

With a slew of roles under her belt and a number of exciting performances to look forward to, Russell has proven that she has the range and capabilities needed to succeed in Hollywood. And with a stamp of approval from Rihanna (who will voice Smurfette in the upcoming "Smurfs Movie"), the sky's the limit for Russell's career.