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The Smurfs Movie: Rihanna Will Voice Smurfette In Paramount's Upcoming Film

"The Smurfs Movie," the latest attempt to bring the "The Smurfs" IP to the big screen, has recently gained lots of traction thanks to a surprising new casting announcement. At the most recent CinemaCon event, world-famous musician Rihanna announced that she would be voicing the role of Smurfette in the upcoming live-action and animation hybrid film, which is being made by Paramount Animation. Additionally, it was revealed that "The Smurfs Movie" will be directed by "Puss in Boots" helmer Chris Miller and that the film will release on February 14, 2025.

Rihanna's role in the film doesn't just stop at voicing Smurfette, either. The world-renowned songwriter will also craft and record original music for the film, as well as serve as a producer on the forthcoming movie. 

This is obviously a big deal for Paramount, and the fact that they're including arguably one of the most popular musicians alive today means it'll have built-in appeal beyond even the already-famous intellectual property that is "The Smurfs." But it's also not Rihanna's first foray into the world of acting or voice acting, either.

The Smurfs Movie could be the perfect Rihanna showcase

Rihanna has been acting in some capacity since 2006, though mostly in cameos as herself in a lot of her earlier appearances. But since 2012, the singer has dived into some meaty roles, including a leading voice role in the animated flick "Home" as Tip Tucci, which is another film for which she wrote original music. 

A lot of the films she's appeared in or starred in have even done quite well at the box office. Clearly, there's fan interest in seeing the musician in another medium like film or television.

"The Smurfs Movie" could be a perfect showcase for Rihanna, and given that she was the first announced cast member and made such a surprising appearance alongside Paramount Animation's top brass at CinemaCon, it definitely appears that the studio is putting all of their proverbial eggs in this particular basket. Given Rihanna's level of success in music and business, a potential film franchise isn't exactly something she needs to stay relevant. But if she is, in fact, looking for one, there are worse places to look than a brand like "The Smurfs."