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Lord Of The Rings' Sauron Replaces Donald Trump In A Christian Rock Tribute Video

The internet is a strange and toxic place, especially when it comes to politics. But sometimes, it can be absurdly wonderful, blending tons of ideas together to create a unique pop culture artifact. In early June, Christian musician Natasha Owens debuted "The Chosen One," a song that pays tribute to former United States President Donald Trump. Its lyrics, which have been deemed cringeworthy by music pundits, deify Trump but don't mention the former POTUS at all. Naturally, the internet has run wild with the vagueness and absurdity of the track. TikTok user @beckberwick had the great idea of playing the song over images of "The Lord of the Rings" villain Sauron, creating a hilarious mash-up. 


All hail Lord Sauron, the Chosen One... there's no stopping what the lord's begun. #lotr #lordoftheringstiktok #lordoftherings #trump #chosenone

♬ The Chosen One – Natasha Owens

In the video, the song's fascinating lyrics are used to venerate Sauron, reminding us that the dark lord really isn't as bad as we think. Sure, Sauron got a fate worse than death in "Lord of the Rings," but that's just because he's controversial and actually the chosen one. As Natasha Owens' lyrics say, Sauron is just an imperfect person who was chosen by God to ... destroy Middle-earth? 

As expected, TikTok users are having a blast with the track's hilarious misuse. "Politics aside this is the perfect use of this song I'm wheezing hahaha," expressed @ryanfinder226. "Nazgul roadtrip music core ahh," joked @njaaletenjal. "This is what Saruman sang to Gandalf when he tried to convince him to change sides," added @oovoo, with many expressing that this is the song the orcs and goblins sing when they see the Eye of Sauron.   

Lord of the Rings isn't the only franchise getting the Donald Trump treatment

The "Lord of the Rings" and Donald Trump mashup is just the tip of the iceberg. With Natasha Owens' track gaining popularity and virality, several other TikTok creators are using the opportunity to create their own special crossovers. A great mash-up is the one created by @starshipstevie, which features the song over images of Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) from the "Star Wars" franchise. As you can likely tell, there's a pattern with these fan creations. The narrative surrounding Owens' track lends itself well to justifying some of the most prominent evil figures of power in pop culture. Both Lord Sauron and Emperor Palpatine rose to power in unconventional, politically questionable ways. 

Some of the videos using the song are absolutely wild, like the one created by @missnewmoody24, which features Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) of "Dune" fame. Surprisingly, the song lyrics actually work pretty well for this version, as Atreides is "controversial" and "imperfect" and is actually (at least according to the Bene Gesserit) the "chosen one." Unlike Palpatine and Lord Sauron, who are genuinely maniacally evil, Atreides' morality and decision making is up for questioning, just like Trump's. 

The song's surge in popularity comes at a time when Trump is facing heavy legal issues. In late May, New York City jurors convicted the former president of 34 felony counts. Trump is also threatening to sue the creatives behind "The Apprentice," a film starring Sebastian Stan that dramatizes his cultural rise.