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Chicago Fire Season 13: Jake Lockett May Have Confirmed Carver's Status

In case you were worried that Sam Carver (Jake Lockett of "Hawaii Five-O") was set to storm his way out of the lives of his Engine 51 teammates, it looks like the actor has confirmed that his character will be back with the crew full time when "Chicago Fire" reconvenes for Season 13.

In an Instagram video posted in June, Lockett showed off footage of himself on the golf course, hanging out with Joe Minoso, who plays Joe Cruz. The jokey short sees them getting photobombed by former fellow cast member Alberto Rosende, and features a caption that reads, "when you and your buddy are enjoying a game of golf and then remember you're on rival firehouse apparatuses on TV." 

The use of present tense in the post definitely hints that Carver and Lockett aren't done with the show. And it's a good thing he isn't done with the series yet because Season 12 left Sam in quite a pickle.

Sam Carver had one tough ride

During the Season 12 finale of "Chicago Fire," Sam Carver finds himself in quite a difficult place. During a call, he comes to blows with the abusive owner of an Italian restaurant. That puts his position on Stella Kidd's (Miranda Rae Mayo) truck in jeopardy. Instead of being fired, however, he's placed on a furlough, which he takes to clear his head. This leads him to finally confront his situationship with Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) and deal with his frustration over feeling second best in her life despite their growing connection

Although Sam's afraid that Violet still has feelings for Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas), leaving him feeling as if he's being haunted by the ghost of Hawkami. she's been concerned he's attracted to Stella. But Sam confesses that he doesn't love Kidd — he loves Violet. She realizes how deeply she's messed things up but it's too late. Sam disappears from his apartment and embarks upon his furlough, presumably to spend time with the brother he mentions to Violet during their argument.

How will Violet and Sam solve their romantic quandary? The answer will arrive when Season 13 of "Chicago Fire" begins at some point this fall.