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Brian Tee Has One Huge Condition To Return As Chicago Med's Dr. Ethan Choi

Brian Tee may have left "Chicago Med" fairly recently, but he's never ruled out a return to the drama. In an interview with TVLine at the Gotham TV Awards, Tee set out his limits regarding any sort of onscreen return — and they're fairly major.

"There's always conversation [about] returning," he noted. Declaring that the show's gone through a spate of casting changes every season, he said that coming back to direct two episodes in recent seasons has encouraged stability regarding his connection to the series. "I get to come back, and I play with all the cast and the crew on the director side of things. So we'll always start that conversation, and if the right time or the right storyline comes along, maybe it might happen. So it's kind of one of those things that you never say goodbye to." Since he previously described directing the series as returning home, it's not surprising that he still feels a close connection to the drama.

Tee has kept busy both as an actor and a director since leaving "Chicago Med" during Season 8. He appears in "Expats," a limited series on Prime Video, and will be essaying the role of Quinn in Season 3 of "Reacher." But even with his plate full, Tee's already developed an interesting idea for Ethan's return, should it occur someday.

Brian Tee has a great idea for Ethan's return

Brian Tee told TVInsider that he already has an idea for what he'd like to see happen, should Ethan Choi return to Chicago Med.  "I think probably the hospital needs help. Some kind of tragedy is about to happen, some kind of major catastrophe drama," he said. "And maybe they bring back myself and Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) and  April (Sexton-Choi, Yaya DaCosta) and bring back some of the old crew to kind of fix things to what it was."

That sounds like a perfectly sweeps-worthy idea, but Tee confirmed that until then, he's not only hoping to return to direct more of "Chicago Med," but to branch out and direct "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago P.D." as well. "That would be my next thing. It's not quite on the docket yet. I mean, it's on the docket for me, hopefully. So we'll see. Everyone there, as far as P.D. and Fire, are doing incredible work." 

Tee admitted that he knows the other two One Chicago dramas have rigorous shooting requirements since they mainly shoot outside versus the mainly studio-bound "Chicago Med." "That will be much more of an adventure as far as my directing is concerned," he concluded. Hopefully, Tee will get his wish