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Big Bang Theory's Comic Book Store Hides A Cool Real Life Detail In Plain Sight

Comic books are a huge part of the lives of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) on "The Big Bang Theory," so it makes sense that their local comic book store would feature heavily on the show. Here's a wonderfully sneaky detail you probably never noticed about The Comic Center of Pasadena: All of the comics on display are updated and match what was in stock in real comic book stores at the time. If you pay close attention, you can watch the stock shift out between episodes. It's a neat little background detail, one that helps make scenes at the Comic Center visually interesting. The comics on display are often from DC Comics — which makes sense, as "The Big Bang Theory" is produced by Warner Brothers, parent company of DC Comics. That's made clear by a crossover comic between DC and "The Big Bang Theory," which is just one of many connections between the brand and "The Big Bang Theory." You'll also notice that comics from DC's competitors, like Marvel Comics, are completely invisible in the store.

Eagle-eyed viewers may additionally have clocked that you can spot three regular customers roaming around the floor of the store during episodes — the store's owner Stuart Bloom (Kevin Sussman, who had a real-life job in a comic book store that made him perfect for his part) identifies them over time as Captain Sweatpants, Lonely Larry, and Dale.

The Comic Center gets an upgrade

When the Comic Book Center of Pasadena burns down during Season 7, the show doesn't simply re-arrange the stock and repaint a few walls for its return. Thanks to a cash infusion from Sheldon and his friends, the store gets a massive visual upgrade — the walls take on multiple new hues, the stocks are changed, the windows are enlarged, and the displays are completely altered. It's far better than Stuart could have done on his own, with his limited insurance payout.

One more little background detail that you may not notice on your first watch of "The Big Bang Theory": There's a QR code visible in several episodes that leads to the official website of The Comic Center of Pasadena. This real-world website operated as an internet shop for merchandise for the sitcom. It sadly ceased operation sometime in 2011, however, leaving only memories behind.