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The Big Bang Theory And DC Universe Crossover You Never Saw

Comic books just love doing super-weird crossovers. Whether it's Marvel and DC characters making cameos in Image Comics' Invincible (yes, that really happened) or Archie Andrews getting swept up in a Sharknado (yes, that really happened), crossovers are a great way of drawing in readers from all sides of the comics spectrum, as well as a chance for writers and artists to let loose.

Just as comic books make no secret of their love for crossovers, The Big Bang Theory makes no secret of its characters' love for comics. Throughout its 12-season run, the show decorated its sets with comics paraphernalia, dropped subtle and not-so-subtle references left and right, and even scored cameos from the likes of comics legend Stan Lee.

So it was probably inevitable that — at some point — comics would stage their own crossover with The Big Bang Theory. That's exactly what happened in 2009 with Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Amanda Conner's Power Girl #4.

Flirt with the Girl, face the Power

For those not in the know, Power Girl is an alternate universe version of Supergirl — both named Kara, both Kryptonian, both cousins of their respective universes' Superman. Comic timelines can get pretty screwy, but generally speaking, Power Girl is older and more mature than Supergirl. That maturity comes into play during the crossover with The Big Bang Theory, since the show's lovable scientists can be ... well, immature, for all the raw intelligence they possess.

In her civilian guise as Karen Starr, the superheroine is at the movies with her friend Atlee (also secretly a superheroine: Terra), watching a trailer that not only manages to be unbearably cheesy, but also gives away the whole plot. "Why bother seeing it now?" Karen remarks — and honestly, she's got a point there.

Unfortunately, she just so happens to be sitting next to the aisle, and her viewing experience is interrupted by a man shooting his shot in the most embarrassing way possible. Within the span of a mere two speech bubbles, he uses the none-too-flattering phrases "baby girl" and "smokin'-hot chicks." The man is obviously artist Amanda Conner's rendition of Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg), potentially the creepiest member of The Big Bang Theory's cast. Her versions of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons), Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki), and Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) all stand behind him, fittingly decked out with DC hero shirts.

Not missing a beat, Karen stands up in the middle of the flirting session (if you can even call it that), a good head taller than Howard. While he's awed by her height, she's gracious enough to offer him and the others "some free advice to help with the ladies. Be respectful, polite and always act like gentlemen." End of story; the men leave, and the girls watch the movie in peace (not counting Atlee's expressive reactions, which Conner pulls off perfectly). If only he'd followed her advice on The Big Bang Theory, maybe he'd be worthy of the Power Girl statue he has on display in his room.