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Purge Season 2 Teaser Sets Up An Entirely New Story

The Purge is back — kind of.

A teaser for the second season of USA's The Purge series, based on the popular horror films, has dropped. Though it's only 20 seconds in length, the footage sets up an entirely different story from the show's first season.

Season 1 of The Purge focused on the titular Purge itself — a 12-hour period where all crimes are legal — but season 2 seems to cover the aftermath of the event. Morning afters can certainly be rough, but the immediate after-effects of the Purge are clearly even worse.

It's unclear whether or not any of the actors from the first season will return, especially since everyone in the teaser is carefully masked. It does tease a whole new narrative about what happens right after the bloody crime spree, though, so there will be batch of fresh faces joining the fray. These include Derek Luke (13 Reasons Why) and Max Martini (Pacific Rim). 

Since the first season of The Purge, which featured relatively unknown actors, premiered to middling reviews in 2018, perhaps a second season is a chance for the show to redeem itself with a new approach. The film's original mastermind, James DeMonaco, is still on board as a producer, so the spooks and scares will remain even with the shift in story. 

After a rough start, a second season of series might also be an attempt to squeeze more juice out of the Purge franchise, which has encompasses four feature films, the Purge series, and an upcoming film that will hit theaters on July 10, 2020. The Purge 5, which doesn't have a subtitle just yet, succeeds installments titled Anarchy, Election Year, and The First Purge – all of which followed after 2013's original Purge starring Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey. After the original movie premiered to huge box office returns on just a $3 million budget, it stood to reason that the franchise would keep going. USA's The Purge show was another method of expanding the property, and with its upcoming second season, the franchise is getting even bigger. Fingers crossed there will be no growing pains involved.

Season 2 of The Purge will premiere this fall on the USA Network, so get ready to find out just what happens when the Purge ends.