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Halloween 2, Halloween 3 Confirmed With Official Release Dates

Michael Myers will meet his end — and this time, it's for real. 

Two sequels to director David Gordon Green's Halloween reboot-slash-sequel are officially in the works. 

With a thrilling teaser, Universal and Blumhouse confirmed that Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode will fight back against the infamous masked murderer in Halloween 2, due out on October 16, 2020. Then, on October 15, 2021, the saga of Laurie and Michael ends... for good. 

Curtis shared the clip to her Instagram account with the absolutely perfect caption, "'It ain't over till the fat lady sings.' Well, my friends and fans....I'm just WARMING UP. Happy Halloween 2020/2021 @halloweenmovie #halloweenkills #halloweenends."

The footage doesn't offer much information beyond the basics of respective release dates and the faintest hint of a core premise for each upcoming sequel, though it does give us some tasty sound bites of Laurie wishing Michael a (not-so) happy Halloween and cocking her shotgun in preparation to shoot him good and dead. Set to the iconic Halloween piano theme, the teaser also shows footage of Laurie's burning house — where she, her daughter Karen (Judy Greer), and granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) trapped Michael at the end of Halloween in hopes of murdering him — as well as shots of the killer looking very much alive. 

Some believe that the two new films could be titled Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends based on the information in the announcement video, but that's simply speculation for now. The studios haven't yet confirmed official names for either one of the two follow-up flicks. Additionally, it's assumed that Gordon Green will come back to direct both films, and Danny McBride is attached as the returning screenwriter. But again, no confirmation to be had at this time.

After the runaway success of 2018's Halloween, it seemed inevitable that a sequel (or two) would come sometime down the line. However, lead actress Curtis, who has been a part of the hallowed horror franchise since the John Carpenter-directed original, previously cast doubt on whether there would be more where the Halloween reboot came from. She admitted in December 2018, "I have no idea at this point, today, I have no idea. I would make an assumption that, if David Gordon Green has a story to tell, that the people involved with the movie would encourage him to tell it. I haven't been told whether or not he has a story to tell and whether or not he would include Laurie Strode in the telling. Really, time will tell. I know David is a busy guy ... Laurie's story was told beautifully this year, and I would have no way of knowing how they would incorporate her into future."

That went against what McBride had said earlier when he noted that he and Gordon Green had ideas about what story they would tell in another film, and were "being asked to figure it out" as of late October 2018.

It looks like McBride and Gordon Green settled on not one but two big ideas for sequels films, and Universal and Blumhouse picked them up with a smile. That Laurie is part of both Halloween sequels should come as wonderful news to fans, who may have been worried about the character's future considering where the reboot left things off. It's also great that Halloween 3 (or Halloween Ends, or Halloween: It's Over for Real, Y'all) is apparently marking the definitive conclusion of the franchise — which has suffered a great deal over the years, having only experienced the same kind of success it did during its early days with the 2018 reboot. The film series is in fantastic, capable hands with Gordon Green and McBride, and second to Carpenter himself (who gave the pair his stamp of approval long ago), they're truly the best people to cap off Halloween. 

Many questions still remain about the two Halloween sequels. Rest assured that we'll keep you up-to-date on everything regarding the in-development projects as more information comes our way.