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New Ghost Rider Trailer Starring Keanu Reeves Is A Viral Smash (But Totally Fake)

A brand-new "Ghost Rider" trailer starring Keanu Reeves is going viral ... but it's not real. 

The rights to the demonic Ghost Rider reverted to Marvel in 2013 but the studio hasn't cooked up anything with Johnny Blaze in the last decade. With Marvel execs choosing to ignore pleas for a new movie, one fan decided to take things into their own hands. On March 24, 2024, YouTuber user KH Studio took to the platform to share a fan-made trailer for a new "Ghost Rider" film starring Reeves. In less than a week, the video went viral, amassing over 1.8 million views — and it shows no signs of stopping. But as compelling as the concept is, the trailer is a complete fake. 

Using artificial intelligence, visual effects, and scenes from other films, KH Studios created an effective and engaging fan trailer for the property. The video uses footage from Reeves' batch of "John Wick" films and repurposes clips from Nicolas Cage's stint as the hero. Using "The Matrix" actor as the new Johnny Blaze is a sound choice — 35% of Marvel fans think Reeves should play the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

And even though the trailer is fake, fans are ready to line up for the hypothetical feature. "If they actually made this movie it has potential to be full of bad assery!!!" shared YouTube user @puddleduckist. @andremoreira2785 was also particularly enthused by the vision, writing, "I know it is just a joke but please lets make this happen." 

Some fans think Nicolas Cage should stay on as Ghost Rider

While some are singing the fake trailer's praises, others think that Keanu Reeves isn't the right fit for Ghost Rider. "No one can replace Nick cage as Ghost rider for me," shared @Silly_Illidan. This sentiment was surprisingly consistent in the comments section, with @franklindalmacio383 writing, "Keanu has his own character. but ghost rider will always be cage." While many grew up on Nicolas Cage's "Ghost Rider" flicks, those projects were largely maligned by critics. The first film has a low 27% score on Rotten Tomatoes. It seems like nostalgia still persists amongst some fans, who think the actor did a solid job. 

Will Cage's "Ghost Rider 3" happen? Probably not, as Marvel would likely want to recast the role whenever they decide to reboot the franchise. In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Cage said he would at least hear the studio out if Marvel asked him to return as the daredevil. Still, Reeves would make a solid Ghost Rider, as he's been a popular fan cast for years. And for what it's worth, Ghost Rider would be the Marvel character that Reeves' younger self would want to play. If Marvel Studios ever decides to bring back Ghost Rider to the big screen, Reeves would probably be game for it. Then again, the actor is in his late 50s, and Marvel would probably want to secure a younger actor to play the hero for several sequels.