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Small Details You Missed In The Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

A new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer has arrived, prefaced with a message from MCU Spoiler King Tom Holland warning fans not to watch the trailer unless they've already seen Avengers: Endgame. Likewise, there's no way for us to talk about some the trailer's more interesting details without referencing Endgame, so consider yourself twice warned. 

While we get some shots recycled from the previous trailer, there's a lot of fresh stuff in the new spot as well. We get some new funny moments — particularly with Happy (Jon Favreau) — we see a little bit more of the relationship between Parker and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), and a lot more with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders). There's a strong sense of how the fallout of Tony Stark's (Robert Downey Jr.) death in Endgame will inform Far From Home, and we get one big whopper of a revelation regarding the events of the last two Avengers movies — not only does the prime MCU Earth exist within a multiverse, but Fury tells us Thanos' snap tore a hole between dimensions. That has potentially huge ramifications not only for Far From Home, but for the future of the MCU. 

Read on if you're interested in learning more about these and other details you may have missed in the most recent trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Why the different duds?

We see Spider-Man in three different suits in the trailer: the Iron Spider suit he first wore in Avengers: Infinity War, the suit Stark first gave him in Captain America: Civil War, and a new black stealth suit. What's interesting is that he's wearing both the Iron Spider suit and the Civil War suit in New York City. We know the scene in which he's fighting crooks in an upscale restaurant takes place early in the film before Spider-Man's left New York, because he announces his vacation to the cops on the way out the door. The first shot showing him in the Civil War get-up has him swinging right in front of what used to be Avengers Tower.

So, why is he wearing two different outfits? Why doesn't he wear the Iron Spider suit all the time? The material seems to offer him greater protection and the retractable spider legs have already proven to be useful. They can even act independent of Parker's commands — they save him from being sucked into space in Infinity War before he even knows they're part of the suit.

One possibility? Spidey may be switching suits because he doesn't have a choice. If something were to go wrong with the Iron Spider suit, with Stark gone, who could fix it? Pete's a science whiz, sure, but he hasn't shown himself to be at Stark's level, and even if he is there, he doesn't have Stark's resources. 

A friendly working environment

Before his introduction to the MCU, one of the hallmarks of Spidey stories was his usually contentious relationship with the NYPD. At best, the police see him as a necessary annoyance. At worst, they fire on sight. Things look very different in the Far From Home trailer. After rounding up the crooks in the fancy restaurant, Spider-Man hangs out with the police and even gives them a little good-natured smack-talking. 

We don't really see much of the relationship between Spidey and the official authorities in Spider-Man: Homecoming — with the sole exception of the interaction between Parker and Stark — so we don't know if this is a change from what it was like for Spider-Man before Endgame, but this could be one of the Thanos conflict's silver linings. Grateful for their resurrected loved ones, it may be that the people of New York City and beyond are in full hero-worship mode when it comes to the Avengers and their ilk. 

We haven't seen J. Jonah Jameson show up in the MCU yet to wage a media war on Spidey. If he is planned for a future installment, then a couple of sequels from now we may come to see Far From Home as a Golden Age when Spider-Man wasn't dodging NYPD bullets the same as bank robber bullets.

Why no love for Fury?

A funny interaction between Peter and Happy Hogan plays early in the trailer when Peter refuses to answer the phone for spymaster Nick Fury. Peter sends the call to voicemail and Happy yells after him, "You do not ghost Nick Fury!" Despite Peter's best efforts, Fury catches up with him in Europe after putting a tranq dart in Ned (Jacob Batalon).

But why doesn't Pete want to talk to Fury? So far, we haven't seen the two interact at all. Tony Stark's memorial service at the end of Endgame is the only time we've seen the two in the same physical space. Was there a conversation we didn't see? Or does Nick Fury just creep Peter out? Did Stark tell him stories about dealing with the spy that kept him up at night?

Pete's ghosting might not seem so strange unless you think back to Spider-Man: Homecoming, in which we feel sorry for Peter as he waits months for Happy and/or Tony to get in touch with him so he can get his shot at joining the Avengers. He must know that if Nick Fury is calling him now, with Tony gone, it means he has a mission for Peter. So why is he avoiding it? Shouldn't he be jumping at the chance? Or have the events of the Thanos conflict impacted how he sees his work as Spider-Man?

Mysterio's Multiverse

Probably the biggest reveal in the new trailer comes when we learn that Mysterio is not from the prime MCU timeline. 

We first learned the MCU was part of a multiverse in Doctor Strange, during the mind-bending sequence in which the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) educates Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) about it by sending his astral form hurtling through it. She talks about it more in Endgame, and after the film's release, Joe and Anthony Russo confirmed that Steve Rogers' (Chris Evans) new life with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is in an alternate timeline. In the newest Far From Home trailer, we not only learn that Mysterio is from another timeline, but that he was able to come to the main MCU Earth because "the snap tore a hole in our dimension." The ability of characters to travel between dimensions has potentially huge ramifications for the entire MCU. 

But in the short term, it also adds a lot of potential to Far From Home. If we presume Mysterio really is from another dimension as he claims — and if we also assume he will eventually be a villain as he is in the comics — it means he could be harboring a literal world of secrets. We get the suggestion that something bad happened on his old world that he tried to stop. But will we learn he was actually the cause? Might he even have been acquainted with a Spider-Man from his home dimension, thereby giving him an edge on how to manipulate Peter?

Familiar frames

For a brief moment in the trailer, we see Peter Parker rocking a very familiar looking pair of sunglasses. That's right: those are Tony Stark's signature shades. While it's not very clear what he's doing with them, he has a pretty shocked expression on his face after looking through them. That may have something to do with the fact that those sunglasses are a bit more than a gift from a fallen friend: they're probably filled with Stark's signature nano-tech.

In Avengers: Infinity War, we see Stark put on those glasses shortly after Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw appear on Earth. When he does, he starts talking to his AI assistant, Friday, which seems to indicate that they provide a direct link to Stark technology even without an Iron Man suit. Shortly afterward, when Stark activates his nano-tech to turn into Iron Man, he takes off his glasses — and they seem to actually disappear in his hand.

So are the glasses an advanced piece of Stark nano-technology that helps Peter in his fight in Far From Home? Or are they simply a bold fashion statement that will earn him lots of mockery from his friends?

Crusher is ready

If the Spider-Man origin you remember is the one from the first, Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man movie, you don't remember Crusher Hogan. You remember Macho Man Randy Savage's Bonesaw McGraw, who likely got that name because Savage would never have played a character named "Hogan." Too much bad blood between him and the Hulkster.

But the wrestler Peter Parker originally took on in the comics when he was looking for fame was indeed named Crusher Hogan, and if you look closely behind Happy Hogan — no relation — you can see a poster advertising Crusher's original offer: $100 to anyone who can stay in the ring with him for three minutes. There's also a little ring bell there, so maybe this is the building where he issued the challenge. We haven't seen the full origin of Tom Holland's Spider-Man, but it's entirely possible to believe he took on and beat Crusher prior to the life-changing night his Uncle Ben died.

Hiding in plain sight

In July 2018, Deadline reported that Turkish actor Numan Acar had taken on the role of "Dmitri" in Spider-Man: Far From Home. The report further theorized that he may be playing Dmitri Smerdyakov, a half-brother of Kraven the Hunter known better to Spider-Man fans as Chameleon. He's one of Spider-Man's oldest rogues, appearing all the way back in Amazing Spider-Man #1.

You can see what looks like Acar in the background of this still, but there are lots of other places Dmitri could be in the trailer, given that Chameleon's whole deal is that he can look like anyone, just like Mystique in the X-Men movies. One of the criminals Spider-Man apprehends in the fancy ballroom early on in the trailer is wearing what look like leopard-print pajamas. This may be an early Dmitri appearance, wearing something similar to what his fur-loving relative would sport.

Or he could be throughout the rest of the trailer, looking like just about anyone. We have to assume Mysterio is up to no good. Could the Nick Fury or Maria Hill Spider-Man meets in Italy be Chameleon in disguise, working on Mysterio's behalf in some huge ruse? They definitely have a lot of reasons in their back pocket as to why only Spider-Man can do this job. Or heck, he may be MJ.

Iron mania

While the impacts of Peter and countless others missing out on five years of life are still up in the air, one thing in the second Far From Home trailer is pretty clear: this new, revived world has nothing but love for Iron Man.

The trailer starts with Peter looking at a giant mural of the fallen hero on the side of a building in New York City, but that's far from the only tribute Tony gets. In addition to a memorial that appears to be somewhere in Europe, viewers can also see many drawings of Iron Man in the background of an art class at Peter's school, showing that the world post-Endgame recognizes it owes everything — or, well, half of everything — to the one and only Iron Man.

Tony was a huge part of Peter's origin story in the MCU, and even in death, he still looms large over Peter's day-to-day world — whether he's out doing hero things or just trying to finish high school after five weird years away.

Gone, but he didn't forget

Toward the end of the trailer, we see Peter looking questioningly toward Happy with a Spider-Man-styled hologram over his wrist. Happy's returning glance doesn't seem surprised. It isn't clear exactly where they are, but they seem to be surrounded by some relatively high-tech stuff. 

It looks like maybe Tony has at least one surprise left for Peter. Maybe a recording? A new suit? Perhaps something he never had the chance to give to Peter, or even something meant specifically in the event of his death? Whatever it is, the only thing we can tell from Pete's expression is he's surprised. Good surprised? Bad surprised? Tony-made-me-a-Hulkbuster-Suit surprised? We'll find out soon. 

In the meantime, we should all get busy with our wish lists. Obviously, the Japanese Giant Robot version of Spider-Man should be high on anyone's list. But, particularly considering Stark's love of cars, we shouldn't discount the possibility we'll finally see the Spider-Mobile. Depending on what country Spidey's in at the time, he may need a reminder about what side of the road to drive on.