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Verizon's Super Bowl Commercial Brings A Beyoncé-Barbie Mashup No One Saw Coming

Beyoncé is going full "Barbie" in Verizon's Super Bowl 2024 ad. Even if they're not a fan of her music, almost anyone with a pulse and internet connection knows just how iconic and internet-breaking Beyoncé is. Anytime Beyoncé does something, it's newsworthy — and her latest collab with Verizon is no different. The telecommunications giant roped up the pop sensation to promote just how perfect and powerful their 5G network is. The ad starts with Beyoncé recording a music video, with her manager (played by "Arrested Development" star Tony Hale) letting her know that she "broke the internet again." After cheekily saying that Beyoncé can't "break" Verizon's 5G network, the "Crazy In Love" singer takes up the challenge, doing a series of stunts and throwbacks to throw off the network. 

One of Beyoncé's most memorable stunts is taking on the moniker of "BarBey," a clear nod to Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie's billion-dollar grossing flick "Barbie." Beyoncé is decked out in pink attire, just like the Barbie doll, with the "BarBey" sign behind her echoing the same visual language as the "Barbie" logo. Unfortunately, the superstar's surprising collab with "Barbie" isn't jaw-dropping enough to break the Verizon network. Sorry, Bey.

Fans can't get enough of the Barbie and Beyoncé crossover

The Verizon Super Bowl ad does an effective job of combining Beyonce's star power and the mythology surrounding her to create a unique and self-aware advertisement that's just damn fun to watch. And having Beyoncé playfully wink at the success of "Barbie" is just a win all-around. While Beyoncé doesn't have the clout to break Verizon's 5G network, she did break the internet with her Super Bowl ad. 

"Barbie is beyonce approved. Don't cry Oppenheimer," joked X (formerly known as Twitter) user @aftersunfilm. "Beyonce boosted #Barbie Oscar campaign!!! They should be grateful lol!" wrote X user @vincentlao18. While it remains to be seen if Beyoncé's ad helps win "Barbie" some Oscars (it's nominated for 8 golden statues, including Best Picture), it certainly does add to the singer's CV. 

After trying around half a dozen stunts to destroy Verizon, Beyoncé gives up by ending her Super Bowl ad by teasing new music. Shortly after the partial "Barbie"-themed ad premiered, the songstress took to Instagram to announce the release of two new singles, as well as her long-awaited follow-up to her 2022 album "Renaissance." How's that for breaking the internet?