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New Detective Pikachu Trailer Shows Off A Wide Array Of Pokemon Favorites

In 2015, a pizza-eating rat in New York captured the attention of people across the world. In 2019, a crime-solving, electricity-zapping one in the fictional Ryme City will steal the hearts of moviegoers everywhere. 

Warner Bros. Pictures unveiled the second full-length trailer for Detective Pikachu (POKÉMON Detective Pikachu if you're fancy) on Tuesday, revealing piping-hot looks at a collection of monsters that fans of the franchise will flip for. 

There is, of course, the eponymous Pikachu, the little yellow rodent (voiced by Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds) who teams up with former Pokémon trainer Tim Goodman (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom star Justice Smith) to find out what happened to his old Ryme City Police Department partner Harry Goodman (Paul Kitson), who mysteriously disappeared. There's also a fire-breathing Charizard, a snoozing Snorlax, a traffic-directing Machamp, and a snarling bull-dog-like Snubbull, who belongs to Ryme City police lieutenant Detective Yoshida (Ken Watanabe), a close friend of Harry's who will be a crucial part of the investigation into his vanishing. 

But that's not all — the new Detective Pikachu trailer also shows off an adorable Eevee (whom Pokémon Let's Go! players are actively falling in love with), the cutest Bulbasaur we ever did see, the creepiest Lickitung in existence, a fluffy Psyduck carried in Lucy Stevens' (Kathryn Newton) backpack, a gaggle of Gangars, a Blastoise spinning on its back, a Cubone who launches up from the grass, and — surprise! — a menacing Mewtwo who floats in the air as a force of evil. Looks like the villain of the animated Pokémon movie is also the villain of Detective Pikachu

Clearly, Pikachu and Tim are going to encounter several classic Pokémon, all reimagined in CGI for director Rob Letterman's mostly-live-action flick, on their journey to locate Tim's father, Harry. Pikachu is thinking Harry either "faked his own death, or somebody else faked Harry's death, or Harry faked somebody else's death" — except that "last one doesn't work at all" — but he won't know which wild guess of his is true until after he wins several battles against other Pokémon that will inevitably lead to an epic showdown with Mewtwo.

Take a look at the new footage in the video above, then check out the latest poster for Detective Pikachu below. 

The second Detective Pikachu has people absolutely buzzing, with many admitting that they didn't think they would be as excited for the film as they are. 

"I can't believe how much fun this movie looks like," one wrote on Twitter. Another shared, "Never ever thought I could be this hyped for a Pokémon movie." Someone else even stated, "My opinion on this movie has totally swayed from when they announced it. Thought it was a horrible idea. Have to admit I think it looks great and am on board."

Accounting for what we've seen so far of the film and the early, early, early response we've heard, Detective Pikachu is shaping up to be a top-notch project that blends together the best of action, comedy, mystery, and sci-fi and wraps it all up with the bow of one of the most famous IPs in history. It also helps that Reynolds is the main man behind the film, as his star power will certainly entice viewers, persuading them to buy up a bunch of tickets and get their butts into theater seats this May. 

We're confident that Detective Pikachu will be fresh, funky, and fun — and so is Warner Bros. Months ahead of the film's launch, the studio put into development a sequel for Detective Pikachu, a sign that whatever happens in the first film is worthy of further exploration in a second movie and the money it costs to make a follow-up. 

See Pikachu and the pack of other Pokémon up on the big screen — and prepare to get your sleuth on — when Detective Pikachu zaps into theaters on May 10.