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Dragon Ball Proves Beerus Could Erase One Punch Man's Saitama With One Move

Anime and manga fans are absolutely obsessed with power and character rankings. In the same way that Westerners eternally debate whether The Flash could beat Superman in a foot race, anime watchers are constantly questioning who would come out on top if characters from different shows and universes were able to do battle. Naturally, this brings us to a comparison between "One-Punch Man" and "Dragon Ball Super."

Due to the massive level of power that he develops in the first episode of "One-Punch Man," Saitama (Makoto Furakawa/Max Mittelman) is commonly brought up in these kinds of fan fiction battles, and it's pretty easy to see why. After all, his name says it all: the guy can defeat alien warlords and gigantic monstrosities with a single punch. Can he defeat one of the strongest characters on "Dragon Ball Super," though?

While that's very much up for debate, it looks like there is one way that Beerus (Koichi Yamadera/Jason Douglas) of "Dragon Ball Super" could come out on top in this theoretical bout. If the God of Destruction were to use his Hakai ability on Saitama, it should be able to erase him from existence, but like with most serious moves in anime, that comes with a short list of caveats.

This likely wouldn't work if Saitama turns out to be a god

Though the strength of the Hakai ability in "Dragon Ball Super" seems to vary greatly depending on who's using it, Beerus' Hakai displays a raw power that makes it dangerous to just about anyone. However, it has been suggested in the manga that Beerus cannot use this ability to erase immortal beings like Whis (Masakazu Morita/Ian Sinclair).

With this in mind, it looks like Saitama would also fall prey to the move, and given how little competition he's faced thus far, he'd probably let it happen just for the challenge. However, the titular "One-Punch Man" could survive the attack if it turns out that his powers also come from a divine source.

Since some fans have speculated that Saitama is a god of some kind and that this is why he has such unrivaled strength and resilience, Beerus may not be able to destroy Saitama, after all. Though this is all based on speculation, it does help to answer the question of who might come out on top between the "One-Punch Man" hero and one of the most dangerous characters in "Dragon Ball Super."