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Ahsoka Is A Sith Lord In New Star Wars Concept Art

It's Christmas all year round for modern "Star Wars" fans. While the franchise is known for often having a decade or more between proper canon installments on the screen, Disney+ has been doing one new small-screen project after another following the wrap-up of the latest "Star Wars" trilogy and its spin-offs.

The latest is "Ahsoka." Based on the fan-favorite character from "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," "Ahsoka" sees Rosario Dawson taking on the lead role of the morally grey former Jedi. However, since the character is known as being one of the few who can walk the line between the two sides of the Force, even displaying Sith abilities in Episode 3 of "Ahsoka"'s 1st season, some may wonder what things could look like if she changed sides.

Luckily, Kode Abdo, aka @bosslogic on Instagram, has come up with some digital concept art that gives fans a window into how Ahsoka might appear if she embraced the Dark side. Richly detailed and dripping with atmosphere, this vision of a more merciless and unflinching take on the character will have fans wondering what could have been for the former Jedi.

Ahsoka is even more intimidating as a Sith Lord

Swathed in the iconic red and black combo that the Sith are known for, Ahsoka's appearance changes dramatically in @bosslogic's art. The colors of the tendrils from her head and her facial markings are also swapped for black and red, respectively, making her appear even more intimidating. As this Dark Yoda artwork shows, though, pretty much every character looks cooler when they switch over to the Sith side.

Though Ahsoka does share a history with Darth Vader, it seems unlikely that she will ever go full Dark Side. After all, the "Star Wars" franchise rarely allows characters who go the Sith route to have happy endings, and Disney will probably want to keep the fan-favorite character around, at least for a little while. 

Still, as an alternate reality version of the iconic "Star Wars" heroine, this "Ahsoka" art is certainly filled with inspired design choices. For more of the artist's work, including some stylish "John Wick" designs, fans can head to @bosslogic's official art page on Instagram.