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Google Barbie Commercial: Who Is Meg Stalter & Has She Been In Anything Else?

There's a new Barbie in town — sort of.

Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" continues to be the gift that keeps on giving. The Oscar-nominated creative managed to defy all odds when she debuted "Barbie" early this year, turning the Mattel doll's first live-action cinematic outing into a bonafide box office success. To date, the film has grossed over $1.2 billion and is on track to be the highest-grossing project of 2023. Besides being a critical juggernaut — audiences and critics continue to swoon over Gerwig's latest, the film's success, at least partially, is related to its virality and marketing.

Yes, "Barbenheimer" had an effect on the film's cultural and financial success, but it's important to acknowledge the efforts of the marketing gurus behind "Barbie." To make the film as enticing as ever, the creative team behind "Barbie" worked endlessly with other brands to create relevant, exciting promotional tie-ins. Fans of the larger "Barbie" franchise can now find the character everywhere they go... making the character a true capitalistic icon that we just can't help but root for.

Head to your local mall (or digital storefront) and there's "Barbie" Crocs, a "Barbie"-themed line of outfits from Gap, and even a "Barbie" Xbox. Wherever there is a brand, Gerwig's "Barbie" is attached to it, one way or another. While some tie-ins completely make sense, like "Barbie"-themed clothes, others can come off as a bit out of left-field, like the film's commercial with Google, the tech conglomerate. 

There's a chance you've seen the tech giant's fascinating advertisement which features a Barbie hyping up Google's Lens product, which allows users to identify objects, make translations, and more using image recognition. It's a hilarious commercial that peels back the layers of Barbieland, and its residents, including Meg Stalter, who stars as the now-iconic Google Barbie. 

Meg Stalter is an up-and-coming comedic icon

In the Google and "Barbie" crossover, viewers are presented with how difficult the real world is. Audiences are introduced to a Barbie played by Meg Stalter, who manages to discover the power of Google Lens. The ad kicks off with Stalter's Barbie watching clips of the "Barbie" movie (how meta!) on her phone, before discussing just "everything makes sense" in Barbieland. Sporting franchise-appropriate pink attire and cowboy hat, Stalter's Barbie emerges from her home, only to reveal that she's stuck in the "real world" where things are complicated and confusing.

Thanks to the power of Google Lens, Stalter's Barbie is able to point her phone's camera towards various objects to discover what they truly are, such as a Chuckwalla, a reptile native to the United States and Mexico. A minute long, the advertisement perfectly blends the humor from the "Barbie" film and Google's inventive technology, creating a tie-in that just makes sense. "Thanks, Google," Stalter's Barbie says at the end. "What's next? Put her in the movie! Who said that?" Stalter says, wrapping up her (hopefully first) stint as Google's Barbie.

In a sketch posted to TikTok, Stalter playfully joked about her disappointment in receiving a "Barbie"-related commercial as opposed to an appearance in the Margot Robbie-led film. "It's so funny, I was actually gonna tell you that I want to do less movies," Stalter says, speaking to her agent on the phone. "Sign me up for the commercial... that's awesomesauce," Stalter annoyingly says. While Stalter isn't part of the "Barbie" movie, she is part of the film's enduring legacy thanks to the impressive crossover with Google. Seeing as Stalter has appeared in a number of memorable roles in the last few years, chances are that the comedian will be headlining her own blockbuster very soon. 

The Google commercial star is a scene-stealer in Hacks

Megan Stalter continues to be one of Hollywood's most interesting up-and-coming comedians and personalities. While Stalter had dabbled in the world of online comedy and stand-up, Stalter didn't become an icon until she landed the role of Kayla in HBO Max's laugh-out-loud comedy "Hacks." In the series, Stalter plays a clueless assistant who just can't help but cause chaos at every turn. While speaking with The New Yorker Radio Hour in 2022, Stalter candidly opened up about how "Hacks" was her first major gig. "I couldn't be more lucky," she said about the job. "That's my first time on set. That's the first time I ever had a professional acting job," Stalter added, before revealing that she hadn't even done a commercial.

Per the "Barbie" and Google commercial, it's clear that things have shifted in a major way for Stalter. While she continues to appear on "Hacks," which is currently gunning for a Season 3, the comedian has expanded her resume significantly since the show's 2021 debut. Stalter is currently co-hosting Netflix's food reality competition series "Snack vs. Chef" and has even appeared as a guest judge on "RuPaul's Drag Race."

Audiences can currently see the comedian in the Daisy Ridley-produced "Sometimes I Think About Dying." Stalter is also emerging as a dominant force in advertising, lending her talents to a Neutrogena campaign. Of course, there's also a chance that audiences have seen the "Barbie" commercial star on social media, where she continues to go viral on both Twitter and TikTok. As the comedian's star power continues to rise, one can hope that she gets a starring role in a "Barbie" sequel — that is if Greta Gerwig decides to make one.  

"Barbie" is now playing in cinemas.