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This Barbie Movie Quote Is Blowing Fans' Minds - But You Might Have Missed It

The "Barbie" movie has been sending shockwaves all over the world since it was released. With its multi-layered screenplay, a bevy of fantastic tongue-in-cheek performances, and references, and its reckoning with what the famed doll means to the world, both good and bad, Greta Gerwig's film is a hit with both critics and audiences alike.

However, amid all the fun in-jokes and wacky gags, "Barbie" is a film with a ton of heart and a lot of important points to make. One such example has come to light after TikTok user @brittneygarciadumaz pointed out that when the various versions of the titular doll are accepting their awards for their achievements early on in the film, their first words at the podium are not what you'd expect.

"I worked really hard for this, and I deserve it!" the dolls say confidently as they accept their awards. The TikTok user went on to say that those words are so powerful that they will "truly make you feel like you can walk through a wall." Well, if the comments the user received on her video are any indication, it looks like there are a lot of people who agree.

Many users found the way that the Barbies accepted their awards in the film to be extremely empowering, noting how societal standards tend to make women think they have to thank others for their accomplishments.

It seems like every line is open for dissection in the Barbie movie

"It made me so anxious at first because I was waiting for the other shoe to drop (someone to say something negative), and then [they] didn't, and it was amazing," wrote @thelittlecrocodile. @Casey Bernardo agreed, explaining that she could really relate to the scene. "When they didn't thank anyone else, I realized that I have always thanked someone for my accomplishments," she said. Naturally, this is just one of the many resonant and powerful messages at the heart of "Barbie," but fans were still bowled over by how they might have initially missed it amidst the shuffle.

Still, other fans like @LaShelle noted how actor and comedian Issa Rae plays President Barbie in the film and that she actually said something similar while accepting an award a few years ago. "I wonder if it's a reference to that," she wondered. Meanwhile, @Bronwen Low suggested, "If anyone wins anything from Barbie, this better be how they accept their reward."

Though "Barbie" has only been out for a short time, it's definitely made a significant impact, and it sounds like it's making plenty of fans reevaluate how they see themselves and their achievements along the way. Ultimately this is pretty impressive for a movie about a toy, and it speaks to just how much time and effort went into every aspect of the film.