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The Marvels: Don't Worry, Goose And The Flerkens Are Coming Back For The Sequel

The fiercest cat-disguised alien in the galaxy is ready for another adventure in the upcoming film "The Marvels," which finds Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), and Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) joining forces in order to save the universe. While these stellar heroes are using their powers to save everyone, there's a four-legged hero that's backing them up every step of the way. Of course, that's the very important Goose, a Flerken who appears as an adorable cat. When enemies approach, Goose steps into action, using its hidden tentacles to devour villains, as seen in 2019's "Captain Marvel." And there is even more Flerken action expected in "The Marvels," which is set to premiere on November 10, 2023.

"The Marvels" second trailer begins with Goose flying through space alongside Carol before her light-based powers are entangled with Monica's and Kamala's. Later in the trailer, a group of kittens — possibly fellow Flerkens — are seen floating around what appears to be a spaceship. Executive Producer Mary Livanos told Entertainment Weekly that the crew looked forward to those scenes. "It was like Christmas when we had our bigger kitten scenes. Everyone had their own favorite," she said. Despite the addition of more kittens, Goose is still stealing plenty of the scenes and showing off its sneak-attack skills, which shocks Kamala toward the end of "The Marvels" trailer. 

Fans may be interested to learn that while Flerkens have also played a role in Carol's Marvel Comics adventures, her loyal feline was not always named Goose.

How Danvers' background and 1980s pop culture inspired Goose's name

In the Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers is fighting crime alongside Chewie, a Flerken with a cat appearance. Just like Goose, Chewie has quite the appetite, and the comics delve into that Flerken trait a little more by exploring how Chewie's housing of pocket dimensions allows it to eat large things and zip to another place in order to help save the day.

Carol names Chewie after the beloved "Star Wars" character Chewbacca, and it's one of the reasons why "Captain Marvel" directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck wanted to change the name to Goose. Boden told Collider Interviews, "And [we] just like the idea of having a reference that would have been so specific to Carol Danvers' past ... being a pilot in the 1980s when 'Top Gun' was out and having a reference that felt a little bit more specific to her whereas Chewie, when the comics were being written, was a very specific reference in time, but now with all the movies out it feels ... more contemporary and not so specific to her past."

While cats named Reggie, Gonzo, Archie, and Rizzo played Goose in "Captain Marvel," Entertainment Weekly notes that two cats named Tango and Nemo mainly share the role in "The Marvels," unless it is a scene that requires Brie Larson and Goose to share a room. "I'm still allergic. I hope that changes. But until it does, a lot of the CGI budget goes towards me and the cat," she said.