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For All Mankind Season 4's Biggest Change (So Far) Is A Familiar Face

Over its first three seasons on Apple TV+, "For All Mankind" has almost completely redefined what a historical drama can be. It's done so, of course, by literally re-writing history, imagining what the space race between the United States of America and the USSR might've looked like had the Russian faction gotten to the moon first. Ensuing seasons have seen the series continually re-invented itself, jumping ahead a decade or more at a time to revisit the Earth and space-set story at different moments in history.

That head-spinningly original approach has kept the action fresh and then some, allowing series creators to populate their drama with fresh fashions, locations, and, naturally, fresh faces. Season 4 of "For All Mankind" will undoubtedly feature all that and then some, with the action jumping ahead to the 21st Century. According to Collider, one of the new faces this season will be very familiar to movie lovers as it belongs to actor Daniel Stern. The "Home Alone" star is, perhaps, best known for his work in the comedic realm, but he's proven surprisingly effective in his rare dramatic turns.

There's little doubt he'll be effective in his role as new NASA administrator Eli Hobson on "For All Mankind" as well. A former auto industry CEO, Hobson's job at NASA is to modernize the agency and help prove its ongoing relevance in the modern landscape. And it should be fascinating to watch Stern navigate the drama inherent to such territory.

Daniel Stern is not the only new face coming to For All Mankind in Season 4

Per Collider, Daniel Stern will join returning cast members Joel Kinnaman, Jodi Balfour, Krys Marshall, Edi Gathegi, Cynthy Wu, Casey W. Johnson, Coral Peña, Wrenn Schmidt, and more in the new season of "For All Mankind." The beloved actor will reportedly not be the only new face joining the series' impressive ensemble, with Toby Kebbell, Tyner Rushing, and Svetlana Efremova all confirmed for Season 4 roles.

Kebbell is arguably the biggest name in that group of "For All Mankind" newbs, with the actor logging credits in the likes of "Black Mirror," "Fantastic Four," and the "Planet of the Apes" franchise. Most recently he's starred in M. Night Shyamalan's lauded Apple TV+ series "The Servant." "For All Mankind" will see Kebbell portraying Miles, a former off-shore oil man putting his skills to use on Mars. 

Rushing has been turning heads in Hollywood of late as well, with roles in "Doom Patrol," "Lovecraft Country," and "Under the Banner of Heaven." "Stranger Things" fans will no doubt recognize her as the ill-fated Virginia Creel from Season 4 too, though "For All Mankind" will see her playing a Mars-based worker name Samantha.

As for Efremova, viewers may recognize the Russian-born actor has made appearances in hit shows like "The West Wing," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "The Americans," and "House of Cards." She'll portray a Soviet official named Irina Morozova in "For All Mankind." Though little else is currently known about the Morozova, she'll surely bring some heat to an already solid slate of space-bound settlers.