Insecure: How Many Seasons Are In The HBO Original Series?

Though HBO has been competing with Netflix for years, it looks like the walls between the two may be coming down a bit. Acclaimed war epics "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific" are on their way to the streaming service, as are "Six Feet Under" and "Ballers." Still, there's one series that's leading the charge: "Insecure."

Issa Rae's comedy-drama, which was partially inspired by her web series, "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl," has been widely praised by critics and fans alike for its likable cast, witty writing, and stereotype-smashing characterization. "We're just trying to convey that people of color are relatable," Rae said during the Television Critics Association press tour. "This is not a hood story. This is about regular people living life."

While the series wrapped up in late 2021 on HBO, "Insecure" is finding a second life on Netflix since it arrived at the service. Now, with so many watching the show, many will likely be wondering how long the series is in terms of its time commitment. Those with plenty on their watch list can rest easy, however, as "Insecure" only has five seasons.

Insecure had an impressive run on HBO

Coming in at only 44 episodes for the entire series, the prospect of binging "Insecure" isn't nearly as daunting as for many other long-running series. The hundreds of episodes of "Supernatural" and "Grey's Anatomy" this is not. Furthermore, with its often breezy tone and occasionally raunchy humor, the show is likely to keep fans watching right on through to the end.

To make the prospect of watching "Insecure" even more appealing, the show was consistently well-reviewed throughout its entire run and ended on a largely satisfying note that focuses more on the friendship between its two leads than on who they end up pursuing romantically. "Definitely, Issa and Molly's relationship, to me, that was the true love story," Rae told Entertainment Weekly

Finally, for those who are looking for more of Issa Rae's comedy chops, they can catch the multi-talented actor, writer, and producer in Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" movie, where she is set to play the president of Barbieland.