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Star Wars: How A 'Pregnant Rey' Rumor Started And Why It Divided Fans

Within the nearly 50-year history of the sci-fi space saga, the "Star Wars" franchise has seen more than its fair share of odd moments that caused conflict amongst its ever-increasing fanbase. However, one such more recent controversy would require a Wookie-sized stretch of the imagination to make any sense. 

In April, a photo showcasing a pregnant Rey (Daisy Ridley) on Tatooine was posted by @thatstarwarsgrl on Twitter. The user implied that the photo was taken at this year's Star Wars Celebration event that took place that same month. The photo amassed over 275,000 views and numerous reactions from passionate fans. Responses ranged from GIFs of shocked individuals to confused comments such as "Hold up, is this real??" from @Justin Case. "This would be absolutely the worst thing to happen to 'Star Wars' yet, so it's probably true," @ClearBlueSee tweeted. Others played up the ridiculousness of the situation, such as @Paisano who comments, "The mysterious origin of baby Yoda has been solved." 

Of course, it doesn't take a very high midi-chlorian count to recognize that the photo in question is a fan-edited piece. As the recently announced "Star Wars" film starring Ridley as Rey is still in the development phase, filming for the upcoming franchise entry has yet to take place. And even if this was a concept toyed around with by the folks at Lucasfilm, one in-universe limitation would halt them in their tracks. 

One big Jedi rule keeps this myth debunked

Okay folks, put down your pitchforks.  Yeah, sure, many of the lore additions from the "Star Wars" prequels are debatable to say the least, but they still remain part of the universe's canon. As such, the concept introduced in "Episode II: Attack of the Clones" that Jedi are forbidden to marry would likely carry on through to the most recent entries.

The Jedi Order have historically been against the concept of marriage. Their reasoning is that any strong feelings of devotion, jealousy, and concern over loss of their loved one could be all it takes to bring a Jedi to the dark side. Perhaps no one Jedi exemplifies these fears more than Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) himself. Anakin and Padmé Amidala's (Natalie Portman) love culminates in the two getting married in a private ceremony on Naboo. However, years later, when Anakin begins having harrowing visions of Padmé's future, Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid) takes the opportunity to manipulate the impressionable young Jedi. We probably don't need to tell you where things go from there, but let's say it involves some dead younglings. 

It's perhaps inconceivable to imagine Rey, who had to fight through more than a few inner conflicts against the dark side, going down the same path that the infamous Darth Vader did by falling in love and marrying. Or ... will she? 

Will Rey's Jedi Order play by new rules?

One of the three announced "Star Wars" films will follow Rey 15 years after the events of the sequel trilogy as she establishes a new Jedi order. A lot can change in 15 years, so could a new way of the Jedi bring on a new mindset when it comes to finding love? 

On the one hand, Rey has reason to be concerned. As the granddaughter of the infamous Sith lord Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid), Rey might see Darth Vader's tragic romance as a frightful example of what her legacy might be. Additionally, the only person Rey showed any affection for, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), is long gone. 

However, as Rey brings this ancient order into the new age, this could also very well be a chance for the Jedi to evolve. The old ways will have long since passed. In their wake, Rey could teach how marriage can have a place in a Jedi's life, showing how far the Order has come. In doing so, the franchise has even greater potential to reflect our own world. Just as our own culture evolves into one that embraces once-maligned identities and lifestyles, this galaxy far, far away could feel closer than ever before. 

Luke Skywalker proved it could work out

While canon "Star Wars" rules may potentially create issues for Rey should she ever choose to get married, one expanded universe couple proved that it can work. Within the expansive world of "Star Wars Legends," the collection of non-film related "Star Wars" background stories made prior to April 2014, none other than Luke Skywalker himself was once married to the Sith-turned-Jedi Mara Jade. 

Jade's time in the galaxy initially sees the especially Force-sensitive individual as a skilled assassin and operative of Emperor Palpatine. Following the mighty Emperor's death,  Jade is informed through the force that Palpatine's final wish is to have Luke Skywalker killed. She carries the hard-hearted urge to fulfill this mission as her life, now without the Emperor's resources and leadership, turns to one of smuggling. However, as the two find themselves forced to work alongside one another during numerous conflicts throughout the galaxy, they grow closer and eventually marry on Coruscant. From here, the two continue fighting alongside one another and even have a child, Ben Skywalker, before her death at the hands of Jacen Solo. 

George Lucas was against the concept of Luke marrying, telling Total FIlm (via Cinema Blend) in 2008, "The 'Star Wars' story is really the tragedy of Darth Vader ... Once Vader dies, he doesn't come back to life, the Emperor doesn't get cloned and Luke doesn't get married." Nonetheless, the non-canon relationship provides promise that the force is strong enough to make love work out at the end.