Whatever Happened To Dermovia's Lace Your Face After Shark Tank?

"Shark Tank" deals are pretty unpredictable once the cameras are off and the negotiations between the sharks and entrepreneurs begin. Some have gone on to be quite profitable, such as the most successful product on "Shark Tank," Bombas sock company. But other deals haven't gone so well, with Mark Cuban calling out the Breathometer as the worst investment he'd made on the show.

Dermovia's Lace Your Face immediately intrigued the sharks, especially when the company's owners, Anita Sun Eisenberg and Mariella Scott, decided to demonstrate how they worked by putting the lace face masks on themselves, causing the sharks to crack up and Robert Herjavec to joke, "I'll give you all my money!" While they were all impressed at the business savvy of the women, guest shark Bethenny Frankel and Lori Greiner were most enthusiastic, and Greiner was the shark that scooped up their business.

According to the Shark Tank Blog, not only did their deal with Greiner close, but as of August 2022, the company has a yearly revenue of $4 million. They changed their business name to Dermovia and began selling other items like cleansers, serums, and lotions under the name Skin Cycle. The company is still going strong, and their products can be found on their website, on Amazon, and in some retail stores.

Lori swooped in and took the deal

It was clear from their intro on "Shark Tank" that Anita Sun Eisenberg and Mariella Scott were confident in their product. The women had created a face mask that had ear loops, so that you got "the best skin that you deserve, without losing your precious time." They likely had no idea of the kind of feeding frenzy that would end up occurring on the show after they revealed that they had a million units ready for an order.

Bethenny Frankel had already offered them $350,000 for 30%, under the condition that they would have to get the cost under $10 for one mask, and $39 for a 4-pack. But after they countered with Frankel for $350,000 for 15% equity and declined, Lori Greiner immediately jumped in to say, "I'll do it." The sharks were all stunned — especially Frankel.

Luckily, whatever hard feelings Frankel had towards Lori didn't last, as she asked Lori to send her some free product after the deal was finalized. Eisenberg and Scott were thrilled with the deal, saying after the show, "Lori was who we wanted to begin with, and we couldn't be happier. Lori was, like — she's just sneaky and she just came right in and swooped that deal up."