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Matt Ryan's Constantine Will Get His Own (Animated) Movie

DC Comics' John Constantine is coming back for one more feature-length adventure.

Per io9, Warner Bros. Animation has announced that it will be releasing a 90-minute film follow-up to the CW Seed series Constantine: City of Demons, which premiered its first five episodes on March 24.

The animated series has a notable link with the live-action show Constantine, sharing a performer in Matt Ryan, who both voices the animated character and plays the rakish occultist detective on TV. The series ran for one season on NBC before being canceled, after which the character was retroactively brought into the CW's Arrowverse — specifically in the series Legends of Tomorrow, on which he continues to make appearances as a sort of ghosts-and-ghoulies consult.

According to Warner Bros. Animation's press release, the Constantine animated movie will finish off the story started in the CW Seed show, as Constantine attempts to save the soul of his old friend's daughter.

The last proper Constantine movie was the live-action 2005 film starring Keanu Reeves and Tilda Swinton which — while fun in its own right — was notoriously divergent from the DC Comics source material. He also appeared in the animated movie Justice League Dark in 2017.

Constantine: City of Demons: The Movie will be released on October 9 on Blu-Ray and streaming. Check out the trailer for the movie up above.