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Avengers: Infinity War Deleted Scene Highlights Thanos And Gamora's Tumultuous Relationship

The Kardashian-Jenner clan not quite satisfying your craving to see family drama unfold? Marvel has you covered. 

With Avengers: Infinity War launching on Digital HD on Tuesday, Marvel rolled out a deleted scene from the film that's included in the physical release. 

Uploaded to the USA Today Life Twitter account, the ultimately-scrapped sequence dives a bit deeper into the strained relationship between the tyrannical Titan Thanos (Josh Brolin) and his adopted daughter Gamora (Zoe Saldana). 

The scene sees Thanos utilizing the Reality Stone to project a memory from years before the events of Avengers: Infinity War — back when Gamora seemingly believed the Mad Titan to be both a fearless warrior and a decent (if still deeply flawed) father figure, during the time in which she was his trusted soldier and carried out his dastardly deeds. 

Of course, that was all just a facade. Gamora was never genuinely happy to serve Thanos and aid him in his goal of wiping out half the universe, and she certainly wasn't pleased about him slaughtering her people and then kidnapping her under the guise of giving her a "better" life. This extended take perfectly proves that. 

"By the look of it, you seemed content enough at the time," Thanos says, looking over his past self speaking to a younger Gamora. In the present, Gamora snaps, "I was a prisoner!" 

The not-fully-purple-faced Thanos (the CGI isn't completely rendered in the deleted scene) then flips the script and focuses on Gamora's wrongdoing: lying to him about the location of the Soul Stone, the orange gem for which he kills her to obtain. In his eyes, he gave Gamora his full trust, and she "paid it with deceit."

Gamora later explains that she only stayed under Thanos' wing because he made her believe that she didn't deserve anything better. It didn't help that Thanos used some grade-A emotional manipulation tactics to dissuade her from leaving: "After my planet died, I had nothing. No one. And I thought I never would. I was alright with that; I had a new vocation. And then I found you, and at my side you became the fiercest woman in the galaxy." 

But when Gamora found the Guardians of the Galaxy, her life changed for the better — for real this time. 

In all, this deleted scene doesn't add a whole lot more to the Avengers: Infinity War narrative, as it looks to be an alternate version of the Thanos-Gamora conversation featured in the theatrical cut of the movie. Still, it's always nice to see Saldana and Brolin sharing the screen and working with material more impactful than what's typically found in superhero film fare — even if Brolin's half-CGI-fied character looks like Shrek's screwed-up-in-the-face cousin in the process.

We're not sure whether Gamora will return from the dead and appear in Avengers 4, but here's to hoping she will so that she and Thanos can pick up where this tense conversation left off.