All Avengers 4 rumors and spoilers leaked so far

The more Marvel gives us, the more we want to know about where the story is going for Avengers 4, even if it means exposing ourselves to potential spoilers.

A combination of cast slip-ups, leaked set images and insider knowledge can make one hell of a spoiler cocktail, and that was as evident as ever when it came to Avengers: Infinity War. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo actually went out of their way to ask fans not to spoil the movie for others, though in this day and age it's practically impossible to go into a Marvel movie without at least some inkling of what you're going to see.

Infinity War was marketed as the most anticipated superhero movie of all time, but given how it ended, that moniker now belongs to the follow-up, the as-yet untitled fourth Avengers movie. If you plan on going into that completely spoiler-free, then we wish you the best of luck. But if you just can't wait for your Avengers 4 fix, we've got all the leaks and rumors rounded up right here.

Captain America leads a new Avengers lineup

It isn't beyond the realm of possibility that this supposed leaked piece of concept art for Avengers 4 was created by a fan who happens to be a wizard with Photoshop, but given that it looks very similar to the images teased at San Diego Comic Con in 2017, it seems pretty genuine. The image in question reveals how the Avengers will line up now that half of humanity has been reduced to dust by the tyrannical Thanos. If it's real, then the revamped team will consist of surviving core members Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye and Thor, who will be joined by Ant-Man and War Machine. Newcomer Captain Marvel is also present, as are Guardians of the Galaxy member Rocket Raccoon and Nebula, daughter of Thanos.

Captain America stands front and center, and he cuts a far cleaner figure than he did when we saw him last. Nomad Cap is no more, with Steve Rogers apparently set to revert to his clean-shaven look in Avengers 4, much to the disappointment of many. He's back in a far more traditional costume, another updated version of his classic star-spangled suit, though he remains without his signature shield. Chances are we'll see him tossing the old thing at some point, however, and here's why…

We'll time travel back to the first Avengers movie

According to Avengers 4 spoilers and rumors published by the Express, the suit Captain America is sporting in the leaked concept art could be his Civil War getup, which strengthens the long-running theory that time travel will play an important part in the story — and in defeating Thanos. Upon closer inspection, the leaked image suggests that we'll be going back further than Civil War, and the clue is in Scarlett Johansson's hair color. Black Widow sported a blonde look in Infinity War, yet here she's gone back to being a redhead, the same style she had around the time that the Battle of New York took place.

It seems increasingly likely that the team will return to this pivotal moment from the first Avengers outing. Set photos obtained by Atlanta Magazine have revealed that Marvel has built a new set there, though it isn't really a "new" set at all. "The scene is an almost perfect recreation of the moment from [2012's The Avengers] where Nick Fury warns Tony Stark that a nuclear bomb is on the way to Manhattan," CBR notes. Chris Evans has been photographed on the set in his Battle of New York costume, meaning this is pretty much a lock to happen.

Hawkeye will become Ronin

Chris Evans isn't the only Avenger to have been snapped on set in a telling outfit. Thanks to a rumor scoop from Chinese website Weibo (via ScreenRant), we can all but confirm that Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton will shed the Hawkeye moniker and adopt a new persona in Avengers 4. In 2007's New Avengers #30 (via CBR), Barton hangs up his bow and arrows and goes on a journey of self-discovery that takes him to Japan. He learns how to fight with swords and becomes the hero known as Ronin (a Japanese term for a wandering samurai with no master).

Of all the original Avengers, Renner's Hawkeye has been given the least attention onscreen. He was nowhere to be seen in Infinity War, having cut a deal with the government to protect his family after the events of Captain America: Civil War. There's a good chance that some, or maybe even all, of his family vanished when Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet, which could explain his adoption of the Ronin identity. Renner is wearing a trench coat in leaked set photos, though the black and gold motif worn by Ronin can be seen clearly on his legs.

Tony Stark builds his own Infinity Gauntlet

There were so many leaks and rumors about what would go down in Avengers: Infinity War before the movie was released that, by the law of averages, some would inevitably turn out to be correct. When it comes to a 4chan user by the name of Anonymous, however, there seems to be more than just luck involved. Anonymous successfully predicted a staggering amount of Infinity War's plot, including the fact that Thanos would sacrifice Gamora to obtain the Soul Stone and the shocking return of Red Skull. In May 2018, the same user posted a detailed run-down of plot points for Avengers 4, which in which a rumor surfaced that Tony Stark will build his very own Infinity Gauntlet.

"Iron Man reassembles the Avengers and decides to build his own Infinity Gauntlet to undo everything that Thanos did," Anonymous wrote (via the Express). "They recruit Ant-Man to help them travel through time and space using the Quantum Realm to retrieve the Infinity Stones from different time periods. Thanos finds out about their plans and becomes hellbent on stopping them. The movie revolves around the relationship between Captain America and Iron Man." Of course, this is nothing but unconfirmed rumor right now, but given the source's track record, it can't be ignored.

Professor Hulk will wield the 'Stark Gauntlet'

What's going on with the Hulk? It was one of the biggest questions post-Infinity War, which (aside from the beating he took from Thanos right at the start) the big green guy was conspicuously absent from. Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) was unable to transform into Hulk after he escaped Thanos with a helping hand from the now departed Heimdall, so where is all this leading? If the Avengers 4 rumors inspired by the leaked concept art are anything to go by, it's leading right to Professor Hulk.

One of the things about the leaked image that really stands out is the fact that Hulk is wearing clothing. Not only that, but his facial expression speaks volumes — he looks far more human than ever before. It seems as though Banner will finally figure out how to co-exist with the Hulk, and in doing so he becomes Professor Hulk. This version of the character (who has all the physical attributes of the Hulk but retains the mind of Banner, minus the anguish) was born out of Peter David's epic run on The Incredible Hulk.

The Professor Hulk theory checks out with 4chan tipster Anonymous, who predicted (via the Express) that Hulk will have a huge role to play in the coming rematch against Thanos. "Hulk's subplot centers on Banner and Hulk finally merging to become Professor Hulk. He is the one that ultimately wields the Stark Gauntlet against Thanos, losing his arm in the process."

The death of Steve Rogers

Sadly, Anonymous' leaked Avengers 4 plot points don't make good reading for fans of Chris Evans as Captain America. People have been predicting Cap's death since Civil War was announced (he was assassinated in its comic book source material), and it seems as though there's a very high chance those rumors will ultimately come true in Avengers 4. "At one point, Captain America and Thor fight Thanos," Anonymous claims (via the Express). "Timeline alterations have restored Mjolnir, and Cap wields it against Thanos to allow the others to escape, and is killed holding Thanos off."

These are just predictions and rumors at this stage, but the way Cap's arc has been going seems to indicate that he's going to go out with some kind of grand sacrifice, and this certainly fits the bill. He seems to be right at the top of everyone's death prediction lists right now, Vox's Alex Abad-Santos included: "I'd expect there to be a continued emphasis on Steve's 'we don't trade lives' mantra — it's one of the few lines he's given in Infinity War, and it's repeated — in contrast to Thanos' worldview. There's just too much symmetry and thematic opportunity there for Marvel to ignore it."

Iron Man has a kid

Seeing as this Avengers 4 leak came directly from the mouth of Gwyneth Paltrow, it seems almost certain that Tony Stark will be a daddy by the time we catch up with him in Avengers 4. Speaking during an interview for the official Avengers: Infinity War magazine (via ComicBook), she revealed that her character, Tony Stark's longtime love interest Pepper Potts, was destined to become a mother.

"Pepper and Tony have had a real long journey together," Paltrow said. "She obviously starts as his dutiful assistant, and then the relationship evolves, and now this decade later they're married, and they have a child. Their relationship has evolved in all of the ways that great romances evolve."

The first question raised here is, "How did this spoiler make it to print in an official Marvel magazine?" The second question is, "Does this mean there's going to be a time jump?" We can't answer either definitively, but the fact that Paltrow has said she's going to become Mrs. Stark and have a child by Tony does imply that we will rejoin Earth's Mightiest Heroes at least a few years after the devastating events of Infinity War.

The death of Tony Stark

If Tony Stark does have a child in Avengers 4, the kid is going to grow up without a father. At least, that's what a recent leak detailing the supposed plot of the upcoming sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming suggests. A Redditor claiming to have connections with "a reliable source" has reportedly been told that the second Spider-Man solo outing will open with Peter Parker mourning the loss of Mr. Stark. The plot will revolve around "something groundbreaking that Stark has created, and which is stolen and Spider-Man must retrieve," AHarbingerOfStuff writes.

There's a separate fan theory getting a lot of love on Reddit that also predicts the demise of Stark in Avengers 4. ElephantErik's post (which has been upvoted over a thousand times) claims that Stark doesn't need to create a new Infinity Gauntlet, as he's essentially a living one. "He is a living container and would be able to contain a massive energy source in his arc reactor outlet. Infinity War even makes a point in the park scene with Tony and Pepper to show him retaining his arc reactor even though he doesn't really need it anymore."

The poster claims that Stark will be able to contain and utilize the Infinity Stones with his arc reactor, but will die using them to defeat Thanos. "Stark has been trying to undo all his mistakes and continually tries to atone for them," the Redditor added. "His sacrifice would complete his arc of atonement."

There'll be a scene with 'every character' in it

Navigating the press can be tricky when you're a Marvel star. A comment that might seem pretty innocuous to an actor will inevitably be analyzed at length by fans, who do sometimes have a tendency to jump to conclusions. Sebastian Stan's comments in April 2018 didn't need much decoding, however. He dropped one of the bigger spoilers in the run-up to Infinity War, revealing that there will be a huge scene that involves every character.

"There was one scene, I think, we had where everybody was there," Stan said (via ScreenRant). "I can't really talk about that scene, but I knew it took them three months in planning this scene to have everyone there. You look around and you just saw everyone from Samuel L. Jackson to Michael Douglas to Michelle Pfeiffer. Everybody was there."

Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) has also alluded to a huge coming together of Marvel heroes in Avengers 4. During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Johansson discussed filming a scene that she believed could have featured up to 32 characters. "There's so many of us, I don't even know who's a Marvel character and who's like a crew member," she joked.

Did Zoe Saldana spoil the title?

One of the biggest leaks for Avengers 4 came pretty early on, back when the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 were doing press interviews in promotion of James Gunn's sequel. The culprit was Zoe Saldana (Gamora), who seemed to accidentally reveal the title of Avengers 4 (or at least part of it) on the red carpet. "Infinity War is the first part, and we all have to go back for Gauntlet later this year," she said.

Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige had previously informed the press that he would be keeping the title of the upcoming Avengers instalment under wraps because it was a spoiler for the plot, but Saldana apparently missed that memo. Gunn attempted to explain away her reveal when he told Yahoo! that she simply had her wires crossed. "It's not the title," he asserted. "My guess is that Zoe just misspoke. I'll talk to Zoe today, but I would imagine that is just Zoe misspeaking and saying Infinity Gauntlet instead of Infinity War."

Gunn's reasoning didn't match up with what Saldana actually said, however. The Guardians director seemed to be covering up his star's big mistake, which has reportedly forced Marvel to rethink the title altogether. "The title was Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet at one point, but it might be changed after Zoe Saldana accidentally leaked it," Anonymous said (via the Express).

Pepper Potts set to suit up

Ever since Pepper Potts briefly donned Iron Man's Rescue Armor in Iron Man 3, fans have been dying to see her suit up and join the action. She came to Stark's aid during the attack on his Malibu mansion, proving herself more than willing to slip into some armor and help out. Given that half of everyone he knows has suddenly disintegrated, Stark is going to need all the help he can get as he attempts to undo what Thanos has done. Will Potts be among the recruits? Gwyneth Paltrow's Instagram suggests she will be.

In a 2017 post that the actress has since made private, Paltrow shared a picture of herself getting a foot massage on set (via CBR), though in doing so she may have accidentally given a spoiler away. Paltrow's legs are in the picture, and she is quite clearly wearing a motion capture suit. She didn't turn up in any kind of GCI getup in Infinity War, so the only logical explanation is that she was filming scenes for Avengers 4 at the time.

The actress all but confirmed this was the case during her 2018 appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. "When you were working on the movie, did you thrust your hand toward someone wearing a blue suit with ping pong balls on it?" Colbert asked, to which Paltrow simply replied, "Yes."

Meet the Skrulls

Those familiar with Marvel comics have probably been anticipating the arrival of the Skrulls in the MCU for some time now. According to an Avengers 4 rumor started by Jeremy Conrad at MCU Cosmic, Nick Fury has also been waiting for the humanoid shapeshifters to show up, which is exactly what he thought was happening during the Infinity War post-credit tag. When Thanos snapped his fingers and people started vanishing, Fury assumed the Skrulls were to blame and called on Carol Danvers for help.

"This then ties into Avengers 4 and Hawkeye's role in the story," Conrad wrote. "The rumor is that he's working as Ronin in Tokyo and hunting down Yakuza, who are actually Skrulls. The casting notice for these extras apparently said they needed to be comfortable wearing a facial prosthetic, which would definitely point to them being Skrulls if true." While all of this obviously remains to be seen, we know for sure that the Kree-Skrull War is going to be a prominent event in the Captain Marvel franchise thanks to Kevin Feige, who has purposefully held them back until this point.

"There's an entire section of our comics that deal with the Kree-Skrull War, and we haven't tapped into that at all," he said (via CinemaBlend). "We thought that would be an amazing, huge part of the mythology to belong to Captain Marvel." It might just be in the post-credits, but it does seem likely that we'll get our first look at these iconic Marvel extraterrestrials in Avengers 4.

Characters confirmed to be coming back from the dead

The fact that Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther were wiped out by Thanos despite both having sequels on the way pretty much confirmed that some (if not all) of the departed heroes will be brought back to life in Avengers 4. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo have been doing their best to throw us off the scent by implying that the mass deaths at the end of Infinity War are permanent, though it's hard to keep up that pretense when many of the actors themselves are contradicting them.

"I got a lot of texts saying, 'I can't believe you're dead, your character is dead,'" Drax actor Dave Bautista said (via MovieWeb). "They were really like heartbroken and I was like, 'I'm gonna be in four, I'm gonna be in Guardians 3.' I don't know how they're bringing me back, yeah but somehow I'm going to make it because, as far as I know, I am going to be in Guardians 3, so I have to be back." Drax's Guardians colleagues Star-Lord and Gamora are also rumored to return.

Zoe Saldana told E! Live From the Red Carpet (via ComicBook) that being sacrificed by her father/abductor Thanos felt like a "see you later" rather than a formal goodbye. "I knew that we will have to all come back, at some point this fall, and finish up the fourth installment of Avengers." Letitia Wright (Shuri) has added to the Avengers 4 spoilers, confirming that she and Chris Pratt are also returning.

Is the title really Avengers: End Game?

In June 2018, Omega Underground noticed that cinematographer Trent Opaloch had added the fourth Avengers movie to the credits section of his personal website, casually dropping what appears to be the title of the movie in the process. Opaloch (who worked with the Russo Brothers on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War) listed the upcoming Marvel tentpole as Avengers: End Game, a title that might just have been foreshadowed on several occasions.

"The phrase 'end game' has [been] used multiple times already throughout the Russo Brothers-directed Marvel movies," the Independent points out. "First up, Tony Stark calls Thanos the 'end game' during Avengers: Age of Ultron after having a Scarlett Witch-induced dream. Come Infinity War and Doctor Strange ominously tells Stark — after he has given Thanos the Time Stone during the finale — that 'we're in the end game now.'" Opaloch has since deleted the End Game part of the title and now has the movie listed simply as Avengers 4, though the damage has already been done.

So, is this actually legit? There's been no official denial from Marvel yet, but fans have been pointing to something that the Russo brothers said regarding the title. During their interview with Uproxx, the sibling directors were asked whether the title of Avengers 4 was spoken aloud at any point during Infinity War, to which Joe Russo answered: "No." That said, they've been known to withhold the truth.

Did Ant-Man and the Wasp confirm the time travel theory?

As soon as Infinity War was done and dusted, Marvel fans turned their attention to the next MCU instalment, Ant-Man and the Wasp. The film itself didn't shed much light on how Thanos' actions might be reversed in Avengers 4, but the mid-credit scene dropped a huge clue. In it, Scott Lang returns to the Quantum Realm to collect quantum energy, which Janet van Dyne needs to treat Ghost. Before Lang departs, the original Wasp warns him not to get stuck in a "time vortex" down there, though it turns out this may well be his only route out.

With Ant-Man still in the Quantum Realm, Thanos' finger-snap takes place and turns Hank Pym, Hope van Dyne and her recently rescued mother, Janet, to ash. With nobody to pull him out, it seems likely that Ant-Man will exit this dimension through a time vortex and emerge a few years after he entered. This theory is supported by the fact that Marvel cast an older actress as Ant-Man's daughter, Cassie Lang, for Avengers 4. Also, leaked set photos have shown a grey-haired Tony Stark looking noticeably older.

Rumors that time travel will be involved in Avengers 4 have been rife ever since Atlanta Magazine revealed that Marvel had recreated a set from the first Avengers movie, and the existence of these time vortexes only strengthens the argument. When Lang pops out and discovers that half the world is gone, he'll no doubt inform the Avengers about the existence of the vortexes.

Is Nebula the main villain?

Nebula (Karen Gillan) has been on the periphery of events so far, but the daughter of Thanos could turn out to be a crucial player in Avengers 4, with her arc potentially coming full circle. She started out hating adopted sister Gamora, but they reconciled before she was killed by their so-called father in Infinity War. The third Avengers outing borrowed heavily from 1991's The Infinity Gauntlet, and Nebula plays a huge part in the conclusion of that title.

In the six-issue series, the Luphomoid assassin is captured by Thanos and sadistically tortured (a moment we've already seen play out on screen in Infinity War). She's the one who's eventually able to turn the tables on Thanos, stealing the Gauntlet from him. The problem is, Nebula is so messed up at this point that she ends up being even worse than Thanos with the Gauntlet, forcing the intergalactic warlord to team up with the Avengers in a bid to stop her.

It's hard to see Earth's Mightiest Heroes joining forces with Thanos after all he's done, but Gillan is all for staying true to the source material. "When I was preparing to play Nebula the first time, I read The Infinity Gauntlet," she told ScreenRant. "I loved it because it was like the most Nebula-heavy comic." Saying it would be "amazing" if the movies were to follow that same arc, she added, "I don't know yet — very big secret. But I'm hoping."

Shuri becomes the new Black Panther​​

Wakanda made a valiant attempt to halt Thanos' invasion of Earth in Infinity War, but the fictional African nation sustained devastating losses in the process, and that was before the Mad Titan even used the Infinity Gauntlet. King T'Challa was one of the unlucky souls turned to dust when Thanos snapped his fingers, leaving Wakanda without a leader going into Avengers 4. The stage seems set for T'Challa's younger sister Shuri (Letitia Wright) to accept the Black Panther mantle and rally her people for round two with Thanos.

There's comic book precedent for this. In Reginald Hudlin's 2009 Black Panther series, T'Challa falls into a coma after a battle, and Shuri takes over as the Black Panther. Her brother later recovers, leaving Wakanda with two Black Panthers, a premise that ScreenRant predicts could well unfold in the planned Black Panther sequel. According to, this Shuri rumor is gathering pace with Marvel fans, and Wright herself has expressed an interest in following Hudlin's story.

"If the opportunity came about, then why not? It would be comic book accurate," she told ScreenRant. "Yeah, that would be amazing. It means more training, more learning and it would really be an amazing adventure [...] I'm excited!" Recently revealed concept art confirms early designs for Shuri's Black Panther costume already exist, so it's starting to look like a matter of when she'll become the new Black Panther, not if.   

Thanos loses his head, literally

If the opening of Marvel's new event series Infinity Wars Prime is anything to go by, we might get to see Thanos lose his head in Avengers 4, and we're not talking about a crack in his normally calm demeanor. In the comic, Thanos meets his end at the hands of a mysterious masked villain named Requiem, who beheads him with one powerful swing of her sword. "Little is known about this new character," reports. "She has been described as an angel of death… Anyone who can kill the Mad Titan with a single blow is surely someone to be feared."

Of course, there's no Requiem in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (not yet, at least), but that doesn't mean the comics aren't foreshadowing the films. "You may recall in the [Infinity War] movie how Thanos told Thor 'You should have aimed for the head' when they were in a battle, and we can't help but think there could be some connection there with this story," SyFy said. "The visuals from the epic death scene in the comic are certainly some that we would love to see repeated on the big screen, especially if Thor or any of the others somehow get a chance of having another swing at him."

Thor is certainly a contender, but one of Thanos' so-called daughters is far more likely to strike the killing blow. In fact, CBR is predicting that new comic creation Requiem could actually turn out to be Gamora in disguise.

Red Skull isn't done chasing the Infinity Stones

Not many people expected to see Red Skull pop up in Infinity War, but it turns out this nazi-sympathizing villain has closer ties to the MCU's overarching plot than we realized. Real name Johann Schmidt, the former HYDRA boss was the main antagonist in 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger, but he vanished at the end of that movie after touching the Tesseract. His whereabouts became a mystery, but we now know exactly where he ended up.

When Thanos arrives on Vormir in search of the Soul Stone in Infinity War, he discovers that Red Skull has become the stone's guardian. "A lifetime ago, I too sought the stones," Schmidt tells the Mad Titan. "I even held one in my hand. But it cast me out, banished me here, guiding others to a treasure I cannot possess." Thanos acquires the Soul Stone by sacrificing the person he loves most, Gamora. Now that he has it, is Red Skull free to go about his business? According to the Russo Brothers, he is, and his hunt for the Infinity Stones might not be over.

As part of Vudu's Infinity War viewing party, the sibling filmmakers took questions from fans, one of whom asked about Red Skull's future. "Red Skull is free to leave Vormir, and he is also free to pursue his desire for an Infinity Stone," they confirmed. Could he still have a part to play in Avengers 4?

Are the 'dead' Avengers in a parallel universe?

There's a popular theory that all the dead Avengers (and everyone else that vanished when Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet) are actually trapped in a parallel universe inside the Soul Stone, and there's comic book precedent for this. In the source material, the Soul Gem (as it's called in the comics) houses the Soulworld, a pocket dimension that acts as a kind of purgatory. The orange-tinged, dream-like scene in which Thanos talks to young Gamora after her death in Infinity War may place inside the stone, meaning the Soulworld exists in the MCU in some form — and according to Digital Spy, there may have been a hint that this is indeed the case during Ant-Man and the Wasp.

When we catch up with Scott Lang in the sequel, we discover that he's been learning magic to combat his boredom during his house arrest (imposed on him for helping Captain America in Civil War). In one scene, his onscreen teacher can be heard saying: "Snap your fingers. That gets them to look over there. Now that's misdirection. Easy-peasy." Is this a throwaway line, or a clue that Thanos has pulled off a grand misdirection of his own?