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What The Cast Of The Wilds Wanted To See In Season 3 Before Its Cancellation

Between the reality TV series "Survivor" and shows like "Lost" and "Yellowjackets," fans of survival-based series have been well-fed over the last couple of decades. Still, Amazon's "The Wilds" provided another way for viewers to scratch that particular itch, even bringing in the weird conspiracy and sinister overseer aspects of "Lost" along the way.

Unfortunately for fans, the show was canceled after Season 2, leaving the fates of many of its characters in the balance. This was no doubt especially irritating for the show's devotees, as Season 2 of "The WIlds" ended on a pretty big cliffhanger as far as the events on the island were concerned.

Still, before the news that the series was canceled, cast members from "The Wilds" sat down with People to ruminate on what they wanted for a potential Season 3. For instance, Sarah Pidgeon, who plays Leah on the show, wanted to see everyone at odds with one another in a "schism between everyone in the bunker." She went on to say that she wanted to specifically see this among the male characters. "There are clearly factions that are sort of divided, then they get back together, and then they just fracture so much," she explained.

The cast imagined a myriad of scenarios for Season 3

Sarah Pidgeon pointed out that she thought that this had already happened with the girls to some degree, but she still thought there were new layers that could be explored. "I would like to see how those bonds can break again and how new alliances could form, how the suspicions can manifest," she went on. "I mean, I just can't imagine what it's like."

Charles Alexander plays Kirin in "The Wilds," and he imagined something much more tonally different yet still somewhat fitting with the themes of the series. "I want them to go like island-vacay mode, where they're going in and out of this facility like it's a concrete underground rave cave," he explained. "And they hijack the speakers, and they've got different rooms, and each room has got a different vibe,"

Meanwhile, Zack Calderon, who plays Rafael, thought that they'd already made a pretty good show with Season 2, despite pining for another season. "I think we've made something really, really beautiful, and in terms of what to do for season 3, only time will tell," he imagined. "But if it's anything like season 2, we're in for a big old surprise."

While none of these scenarios are likely to come to light, being that "The Wilds" was canceled in July of 2022, fans can no doubt take some solace in imagining what could have been for the evolving world of the show and whether its series finale could have possibly been as divisive as that of "Lost."