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The Avengers Choose Their New Roster: Here's Who Made The Cut

Contains spoilers for "Avengers" #1 by Marvel Comics

The newest Avengers team has formed in the Marvel Universe. Following the epic battle to save the Multiverse in Jason Aaron's recently finished run on "Avengers," the new ongoing series is sporting a smaller roster while keeping the action and scale grand. In "Avengers" #1 by Marvel Comics, Captain Marvel assembles the Earth's Mightiest Heroes in an Avengers squad closely aligned with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the issue, readers see Carol Danvers reasoning behind each of her selection of heroes.

Seeing Captain Marvel hand-pick her team gives a glimpse into her decision-making process, showcasing what she thinks of her fellow heroes, why she wagers they'd make great members of a new Avengers roster, and how everyone's role meshes together within the superteam. Ultimately, she chooses a group of Avengers that each bring something different to the table while constructing one of the most powerful groups of heroes ever assembled.

Iron Man and Thor are Captain Marvel's first two picks

In "Avengers" #1 by Jed MacKay, C.F. Villa, and Federico Blee from Marvel Comics, Captain Marvel's first pick in building a new Avengers team is revealed to be Tony Stark. Freshly named the new leader of the Avengers, Captain Marvel centers her conversation with Tony around avoiding future Civil Wars. Carol is eager to grow the Avengers to be the best version of the team they can be. Danvers tells Iron Man he's her first pick, referring to him as her number two. Stark accepts Carol Danver's offer and becomes the first member of the newly assembled Avengers team.

Captain Marvel is next seen making a house call to Asgard, meeting with a brooding Thor. When asked if he wants to join the Avengers, the God of Thunder says he never stopped being a part of the team. Thor tells Carol he was an Avenger from the beginning and will fight alongside them until the "end of everything." Captain Marvel is happy to see Thor's commitment to the Earth's Mightiest Heroes remains strong, even if he's in a tough spot emotionally. In Thor's personal life, he's balancing his rule as the King of Asgard against the loss of his father. But, though thick or thin, the Avenges will be able to count on Thor and his god-like powers to serve as one of the biggest powerhouses on the team.

Black Panther and Captain America are next

Captain Marvel's journey in forming a new Avengers team eventually leads her to the South Pacific, where she finds T'Challa in hiding following his recent exile from Wakanda. Carol Danvers admits he's not in a great spot with the Avengers after he planted sleeper agents, resulting in key information about the superteam being stolen by bad actors. Despite losing the trust of his former teammates, Captain Marvel understands how much he has lost. T'Challa is no longer King of Wakanda and isn't officially the Black Panther. However, Captain Marvel offers him a chance to come home and be an Avenger once again, viewing him as an important ally who deserves a shot at redemption — which the hero accepts. Carol later refers to Black Panther as the most dangerous man alive.

Realizing an Avengers team needs a Captain America, Danvers visits the Lower East Side and checks in on Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers. She tells Sam about building a new Avengers roster and asks him to join the new team. But Wilson is confused and questions why Danvers would want him over Steve. Carol explains that, on a team featuring a god, a billionaire super-genius, a former king, and an alien-hybrid boss of space (herself), she needs an ordinary person to keep the team grounded — adding that Steve isn't quite that. Captain Marvel says the Avengers can't afford to act like gods, and his background as a social worker is precisely the kind of perspective and hero they need. Wilson accepts her offer.

Scarlet Witch and Vision round out the team

Captain Marvel finds Vision lamenting about the events of "Judgement Day" — where the android hero questions why he didn't face Celestial judgment like others on Earth. As a result, Vision wonders whether he's just a machine unfit for judgment. Carol Danvers takes a no-nonsense approach to Vision's struggles, telling him he shouldn't care about the thoughts of a god since he's already met his creator and told him to "go to Hell." Danvers adds that she doesn't need Vision to prove himself repeatedly. The pep-talk works and Vision agrees to join the Avengers.

Carol's last visit is to Scarlet Witch's Emporium, where she doesn't even get a chance to ask the magical hero if she wants to join the Avengers. Instead, Wanda Maximoff abruptly tells Captain Marvel her answer is yes — already knowing the question was coming. Maximoff admits the Avengers have been one of the few points of stability in her life, and she will always answer the Avengers' calls for help.

The Avengers next battle leads them to a familiar foe

The new Avengers team later assembles to take on the villain Terminus, who goes after an artificial black hole reactor to add to his giant tech-based body and increase his power. Captain Marvel's selections work together in harmony when the team springs into action. Still, when the reactor becomes unstable, Carol Danvers flies it into the sky to prevent the explosion from injuring the people below. Her tactic works, but she's teleported outside space to Nowhen and Nowhere to Null-Time, where she comes face-to-face with a badly injured Kang the Conqueror.

In "Timeless" #1, Kang was last seen searching for the Missing Moment, a moment in time he couldn't reach. He nearly died at the hands of the mysterious Myrddin, who also sought out the same event, severely injuring the supervillain. Captain Marvel has also been sent to the same reality, with Kang offering her a grave warning about what's coming next. Kang will likely tell the hero about the Tribulation Events from the deadly new villains, the Ashen Combine. The question remains can Kang be trusted? Captain Marvel must figure that out for herself as the Avengers will begin the difficult mission to find their leader following her disappearance.

Readers can see the new Avengers team in action in "Avengers" #1 by Jed MacKay, C.F. Villa, and Federico Blee from Marvel Comics, available now.