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Captain Marvel Makes First Pick In Building Her Own Avengers Team

*Contains spoilers for "Avengers" #1 by Marvel Comics*

The newest Avengers relaunch is putting Captain Marvel in a much-deserved leadership position, and Marvel Comics is revealing who she chose as her first pick on the roster.

Polygon shared an exclusive look at the forthcoming "Avengers" comic from Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa. The new ongoing series will refocus the Earth's Mightiest Heroes, bringing in an Avengers squad closely aligned with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Additionally, the team is comprised solely of A-List heroes, bucking a trend from the previous "Avengers" run featuring some lesser-known characters. The new Avengers will face off against several old and new foes, including the Ashen Combine, a group of monsters wanting to destroy everything they can across the Multiverse. As they fight them, the looming threat of Myrddin and Kang the Conqueror will be felt. But, before Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Captain America, Thor, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, and Vision try to save their reality from the deadly Tribulation Events, a series of disasters sending shockwaves throughout the universe, Carol Danvers is assembling the new roster. In the latest preview, Captain Marvel makes her first and second picks for the upcoming Avengers team, as two familiar heroes are shown to be her first calls.

Captain Marvel's first pick is Iron Man

With the threat of Terminus, the Ashen Combine, and more coming to Earth, the new preview for "Avengers" #1 by Marvel Comics features Carol Danvers making a house call to Tony Stark. After the Avengers vote to make Captain Marvel their new chairperson and leader, she makes her mission clear about wanting to save lives, not police the universe. When Iron Man reminds Carol that the Avengers are currently in a transitional phase following the recent battle for the Multiverse against Mephisto and the Multiversal Masters of Evil at the God Quarry, she tells him she already knows who she wants him with her first pick to join the team.

Tony is surprised by being her top choice, saying he expected Carol to pick her close friend Jessica Drew. However, Captain Marvel shares that Spider-Woman, James Rhodes, and Jennifer Walters are the people she calls out for when dealing with personal business as a hero. For Avengers business, she wants Iron Man. Carol even references when she was on opposing sides with Iron Man in "Civil War II" and admits she didn't like it. Additionally, she mentions Stark is her sponsor, and she needs him just as much as he needs them. Iron Man accepts the offer and becomes the first pick to join the Avengers, leading Carol and Tony to their second pick: Thor, the God of Thunder.

Thor is the second pick for Captain Marvel to join the Avengers

Captain Marvel's next visit is to Asgard, where she recruits Thor to join the next iteration of the Avengers. The God of Thunder tells Carol Danvers he's always been an Avenger and was never "out," as he will continue fighting with the team until the end of everything. Ultimately, Captain Marvel doesn't even need to really ask for Thor's help, as his oath to the Earth's Mightiest Heroes means he will be there when called upon.

So, in what order are Captain Marvel's other picks? It's yet to be determined, as the preview features Thor fighting alongside Captain America and Black Panther on the Avengers — as the first look doesn't reveal how the rest of the recruiting process went. Although, considering Carol still has to convince Scarlet Witch and Vision to join, her quest to beef up the team might not be as easy simply asking the more complicated heroes than it was to get Iron Man and Thor. Still, with the quick "yes" from Tony Stark and the God of Thunder, Captain Marvel has ensured two major heroes are part of the Avengers squad she's set to lead. She may face challenges in getting new members ... but no one has ever said leading the Avengers would be easy.

Readers can see Captain Marvel become the new leader of the Avengers and assemble a new group of heroes in "Avengers" #1 by Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa, which arrives in comic book stores and online retailers on May 17, 2023.