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Pump Rules: Fans Can See Tom Sandoval's Original Plan So Clearly

After news came out that "Vanderpump Rules" cast members Tom Sandoval and Rachel "Raquel" Leviss had been having an affair behind the back of Sandoval's girlfriend and Leviss' close friend Ariana Madix, fans went absolutely wild — especially because this bomshell broke in the middle of the reality show's tenth season. As a result, each episode became its own mystery box, giving fans plenty of hints and clues to pore over to see exactly when Leviss and Sandoval first got involved, or to spot glances between the two that just took on far more significance. In terms of Sandoval himself, though, he's just being blatantly obvious.

Clearly planning to smoothly transition into a new relationship with Leviss after leaving Madix, Sandoval spends a truly unhinged amount of time in Season 10 criticizing his bond with Madix, and fans are definitely noticing. In two separate tweets, Bravo fan Gibson Johns, who goes by @gibsonoma, broke it down. First, he gave everyone a helpful nudge, writing, "Just a reminder that this storyline Sandoval is pushing (with Schwartz's help) about being unhappy in his relationship with Ariana appeared out of thin air after he started sleeping with Raquel." Shortly thereafter, he criticized the fact that Sandoval rebuffed Madix's suggestion that maybe they should spend quiet nights at home together, tweeting, "Sandoval saying that his idea of quality time with Ariana would be... doing mushrooms and watching the sunrise or skinny-dipping in the hot tub tracks with him essentially having a midlife crisis. This man is SEARCHING."

Fans see right through Tom Sandoval's anti-Ariana act

Throughout Season 10, Sandoval has been complaining about Madix to basically anybody who will listen, which is usually just Schwartz. Before the fourteenth episode, he was definitely ramping up to make Madix into the villain, saying she's extraordinarily hard on him and doesn't reciprocate the love he shows her — and in that installment, "There's Something About Her," he doubts his relationship in his confessionals and picks a giant fight with Madix to boot.

He can't fool fans, though — especially since everyone knows about Scandoval. @kcbisou wondered what's even real, tweeting, "On the Howie Mandel podcast, didn't Sandoval say he tried to break up with Ariana, but she wouldn't accept it? However, here he is saying that he wants to work on things & that it's the best relationship he's ever been in. So what's the truth?" @bravoandbotox honed in on one of Sandoval's ridiculous complaints about Madix: "Sandoval trying to win the audience over: "What if I told you Ariana never refills the toilet paper." @brainonbravo had a similar sentiment, saying, "Tom Sandoval really thinks he can justify cheating because he buys the paper towels, doesn't he? Holy sh** the bar is on the floor when it comes to men."

Fans tore Sandoval apart online over his mid-life crisis and false narrative

It was especially hard for fans to watch "There's Something About Her" when you realize that Madix has absolutely no idea that her entire world is on the verge of collapsing. Fans have watched as Madix has dealt with the deaths of her grandmother and beloved dog Charlotte during Season 10, and despite fighting with Sandoval, she still tells him she's invested in their relationship. As far as Sandoval goes, though, he doesn't have a whole lot of kind things to say about her — and the fight he picks is glaringly transparent in hindsight. 

As @dailybravomail put it, "This scene was so cringe to watch bc Sandoval came in with a premeditated script & agenda to push onto Ariana to create this neglectful gf narrative but Ari is calmly validating all his concerns which is totally throwing him off (you can tell he keeps deflecting)." Other fans honed in on Sandoval's ridiculous wishes to go "hang gliding" with Madix instead of just cooking dinner at home, like @hoeswitharose: "Sandoval is literally 40 years old & defines quality time as "doing mushrooms and watching the sunrise" i honestly have no words." 

Tom Sandoval will, thankfully, get his comeuppance at the Season 10 reunion

Sandoval's attempts at creating an anti-Madix, pro-Leviss narrative have, at this point, absolutely failed — which will make it all the more satisfying when he gets eviscerated at the upcoming Season 10 reunion. In the first trailer for the three-part event, which kicks off on May 24, Madix, who's calmly sitting across the room from Sandoval and Leviss and sporting a daring and extremely revealing "revenge dress," tells Sandoval, at one point, that he doesn't even deserve to look at her. At another point, DJ James Kennedy, another "Vanderpump Rules" cast member, calls Sandoval both a "worm with a mustache" and a "poo-poo head," the latter of which he also extends to his ex-fiancée Leviss. Sandoval also has a complete tantrum at producers while he takes a smoke break, refusing to let them keep filming.

In fact, before any footage of the reunion dropped, Sandoval's right hand man Tom Schwartz revealed that neither Sandoval nor Leviss escaped filming with their dignities intact. As Schwartz told Bravo maestro Andy Cohen during an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live," ""I have never seen such a ruthless denunciation of two human beings in my life. Ariana had a fire in her. I mean, she eviscerated those two. I didn't know she had it in her. I've never seen anything like it in my life. Tom [got more heat], for sure. Raquel took some blows, but, yeah, Tom got just eviscerated."

Fans can watch Sandoval get what's coming to him during the three-part reunion as well as during the Season 10 finale, which airs on May 17 on Bravo.