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Vanderpump Rules Season 10's Reunion Trailer Is Exactly What You'd Expect: Chaos

What will the Season 10 "Vanderpump Rules" reunion offer? In a word: chaos.

Ahead of the Season 10 finale, which airs on May 17, Bravo gave "Vanderpump Rules" fan the gift they've been waiting for with the official trailer for the Season 10 reunion. Split into three parts, the reunion will put Tom Sandoval, Rachel "Raquel" Leviss, and Ariana Madix in the same room ever since the news about Scandoval broke.

When Bravo fans learned in March that Sandoval and Leviss — Madix's boyfriend and one of her best friends, respectively — had been having an affair for several months, it would be an understatement to say all hell broke loose. That's exactly why the Season 10 reunion is so wildly anticipated; reunions are always a time for Bravo personalities to air their grievances after a full season of drama, drink-throwing, and secret-keeping. Thanks to all the drama that's gone down off-screen since Season 10 filmed the bulk of its episodes, it looks like fans will basically be celebrating Festivus with all that grievance airing.

The Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion is going to be the most explosive one yet

Clocking in at two minutes and eleven seconds, it seems impossible that this short trailer would be able to give fans a true taste of what to expect from the Season 10 finale. Turns out, you can pack quite a lot into that small amount of time.

Multiple times, Bravo maestro Andy Cohen asks Sandoval if he's "in love" with Leviss, with him seemingly unable to answer. Leviss ping-pongs between attacking fellow castmates like Lala Kent or admitting that she's been "selfish," to which Madix says that selfish is an understatement, calling her former best friend "diabolical, demented, [and] subhuman." To add to that list, DJ James Kennedy chimes in to call both Sandoval and Leviss "poo-poo heads." (That feels accurate.) Scheana Shay, whom Leviss accused of assaulting her post-Scandoval reveal, receives legal papers, presumably from Leviss, and bursts into tears. Sandoval and his best buddy-business partner-confidante Tom Schwartz can't seem to agree after Cohen asks when Schwartz found out about the affair, prompting Kent to quip, "did you guys not put your timelines together to match?"

Also, Kennedy calls Sandoval "a worm with a mustache," and it's amazing.

The three-part reunion of "Vanderpump Rules" Season 10 kicks off on May 24, 2023 on Bravo, and will be on Peacock the following day.