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Ted Lasso Theory: Rebecca Backs Keeley's PR Firm After Jack Split

Who could have foreseen that it would be a bad idea to get romantically involved with your biggest investor? Not Keeley Jones (Juno Temple), whose fling with angel investor Jack Danvers (Jodi Balfour) came to a close in Season 3, Episode 7 of "Ted Lasso," Apple TV+'s hit fish-out-of-water sitcom. After a revealing video of Keeley was leaked online, Jack insisted that she make a public statement of apology. But Keeley is not the sort of woman to be shamed by her own body and emphatically declined to accede. Apparently not as sex-positive as first impressions may have believed, Jack broke things off with Keeley, saying the existence of the leaked tape made her look bad. Oof.

The breakup may not make much of a difference to "Ted Lasso" fans, since it's not like Keeley and Jack had the kind of wild chemistry the show wanted viewers to believe they had, but it does leave Keeley with a financial crisis. Is Jack still willing to fund Keeley's PR firm after coldheartedly dumping her? If not, Keeley will be in dire need of a cash infusion, and one person seems like the obvious solution to her insolvency: Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham).

When it comes to those in Keeley's life who have both the desire to see her achieve success and the funds to make her dreams come true, there aren't many more likely to take her on than her mentor and best friend.

Keeley needs a cash infusion, and Rebecca has both the funds and motive

Following Keeley Jones' breakup with Jack Danvers, who turned out to be far more superficial than she let on, there's a strong chance that she'll need some quick cash to keep the lights on at her newly founded PR firm. And while it's possible that the show could invent a solution out of thin air, there's a much more obvious option involving someone who is already a main character.

Rebecca Welton, the owner of AFC Richmond, is implied to be somewhat less wealthy than her ex-husband Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head) or even Jack, but she's still demonstrably well off. Just look at her fabulous outfits week to week, or have a gander at her luxurious London dwelling. Or think about the fact that she owns, you know, an entire premiere league football team. That's not the sort of lifestyle one can lead on a middle-class salary.

Moreover, Rebecca has become close friends with Keeley over the course of the series. Early on, she was something of a mentor to the younger woman, and now they are each other's closest confidants, meeting regularly over dinner and drinks to take stock of their lives. Surely, Keeley's breakup with Jack will crop up as the subject of discussion at their next get-together, and surely Rebecca will have the desire to see her friend's passion project continue.

Plus, with rumored "Ted Lasso" spin-offs on the way, who wouldn't want to see an entire show about Keeley and Rebecca navigating their friendship while in business together?

Hopefully, "Ted Lasso" answers lingering questions about the future of Keeley's PR firm in this week's episode. And for our money, there's no one we'd rather see by her side more than Rebecca.