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Young Sheldon: How Paige Actually Helped Save George And Mary's Marriage

Part of the fun of watching "Young Sheldon" is speculating what will or won't happen based on our knowledge of the original series, "The Big Bang Theory." One of the major life events we're bracing ourselves for is the untimely death of Sheldon's (Iain Armitage) father, George (Lance Barber), which was heavily foreshadowed in the Season 6 premiere. Meanwhile, his secret shed conversation with Brenda (Melissa Peterman) in Season 6, Episode 2 foreshadows the affair we know Sheldon witnesses.

However, before these upending events, George and Mary (Zoe Perry) have a loving marriage that survives thick and thin. While they have their issues, they run a relatively strict Christian household that looks down on the idea of dissolving a marriage. What's more, after learning about Paige's (Mckenna Grace) parents' separation, the Coopers vow never to do the same, a choice that derives partially from the troubling behavior Paige begins to exhibit while struggling to process her feelings of anger, confusion, and even guilt.

While Paige often acts as a foil to Sheldon, it's Missy (Raegan Revord) whom George and Mary become increasingly worried about after witnessing Paige's rebellious streak. In fact, their shared anxiety over their impressionable young daughter ultimately helps keep their marriage together.

George and Mary don't want Missy to turn out like Paige

In Season 2, Episode 7, "Carbon Dating and a Stuffed Raccoon," Paige and Sheldon discover that they're both at the same museum lecture. Meanwhile, George bumps into Paige's mother, Linda (Andrea Anders), at a nearby diner, who breaks down in tears over her and her husband's impending divorce. The increasing demands of their prodigy daughter are placing an unavoidable strain on their marriage, which eventually leads to their separation.

This mirrors the Coopers' situation with Sheldon, with George having driven him all the way to Houston so he could attend the lecture. This slight inconvenience foreshadows the growing opportunities afforded to these two gifted students, which can lead to conflict between the parents. In fact, by Season 3, Episode 12, "Body Glitter and a Mall Safety Kit," Paige's parents are separated and Paige begins acting out because she blames herself. Mary and Linda even converse during the episode to highlight the consequences of divorce.

By having Linda discuss her marital problems with both George and Mary, they each see the unfortunate future they could be heading toward. Following Paige's angsty descent, she returns in Season 6, leaving fans feeling uneasy. This time, she rebels by underage drinking at a frat party until Sheldon and Missy intervene. Later in Season 6, Missy steals her dad's truck and runs away from home. She even recruits Paige on her daring adventure, showcasing her negative impact. When Linda, George, and Mary collect Paige and Missy from the police, the Coopers aim to rectify the situation, making their marriage even more resilient.