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90 Day Fiance: Angela Comparisons Seem 'Strange' To Debbie (& She Explains Why)

Debbie Aguero can certainly be considered an eccentric individual, but does she deserve to be compared to another big "90 Day Fiancé" personality? For Debbie at least, the connection just isn't there. 

Debbie has become one of the most fascinating cast members within the "90 Day Fiancé" franchise. Featured on the spin-off series, "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way," 67-year-old Debbie left her home state of Georgia to live life with 24-year-old Oussama, who hails from Morocco. Their unusual relationship has not only raised some eyebrows but has additionally seen fans compare Debbie to fellow "90 Day" franchise star Angela, another Georgia-grown gal whose Nigerian husband, Michael Ilesanmi, is significantly younger. 

But Debbie sees her and Angela's priorities through different lenses. "You know, it's strange when they compare me to her," she told Entertainment Tonight in a March 2023 interview. "It's not that I'm an elitist, it's just that I just have much more high ideals ... I'm all about ideas and goals and plans to elevate ourselves and humanity and I think she's not that way." 

Nevertheless, Debbie doesn't aim to paint Angela in a negative light despite the latter's reputation as an ill-tempered, unpredictable individual. Instead, she hopes to see Angela break out of her troubling "90 Day Fiancé" relationship. "Pleasure doesn't come instantaneously, it takes time ... I think maybe Angela is still learning that," she said. But more recently, Debbie has had her own hard lessons to learn about love.

Oussama hasn't been truthful with Debbie

It may not be fair to fully compare Debbie Aguero and Angela Deem as completely the same, but there are definitely aspects within their respective relationships that are easier to put side by side. Just as Angela made the hard-hitting discovery that Michael had been speaking with other women behind her back, Debbie's recent realization of Oussama's true intentions might have just put their relationship on ice. 

The April 30, 2023, episode of "90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way" saw Oussama reveal to Debbie that his ultimate plan was to move back to the United States with her to make a career for himself as an artist. This completely diverged from the plan Debbie knew, as the Georgia native, despite warnings from her son Julian, packed everything to live with Oussama in Morocco for life. 

Understandably, this left Debbie more than a little frustrated, with Oussama's emotionally detached responses offering little comfort. "You should be ashamed of yourself the way you treated me and lied to me," she tells him angrily. "You said you would do anything for me because you love me enough." Following the revelation, Debbie puts her foot down and decides to part ways with him. 

Time will tell if their relationship gets any better, but Debbie is no pushover so Oussama will have to go above and beyond to prove he wants to attain a life with her.