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MTV Rebooting Aeon Flux, Daria, Made, Real World Under New MTV Studios

MTV is making major moves, having just announced the launch of its new production unit MTV Studios, where a full slate of new shows and revivals are already underway.

As Variety details, the revivals include a new take on the animated series Daria, which has Inside Amy Schumer attached as writer; a fresh iteration of the unscripted show Made; and another spin on The Real World, the reality series that explores what happens when people "stop being polite and start getting real." A reboot of the animated sci-fi series Aeon Flux is also in the works, but that project was actually announced before MTV confirmed the kick-off of MTV Studios. 

Just like the 1990s original, the new Aeon Flux centers on its titular "badass heroine assassin" Aeon Flux as she partners with a crew of biohacking rebels as they fight to save humanity. But there's one major difference between the two: the reboot won't be animated, it'll be live-action. Let's just hope the live-action series doesn't suffer the same fate the live-action Aeon Flux movie did.

The new Daria series, officially titled Daria & Jodie, reinvents the Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn-created original through the eyes of the sardonic Daria Morgendorffer and her close friend Jodie Landon. Following the two women as they "take on the world," the series will explore and deconstruct gender norms, racism, societal expectations, popular culture, and social classes. The OG Daria featured the voices of Tracy Grandstaff as Daria and Jessica Cydnee Jackson as Jodie. No word yet on whether they'll return.

Both the Made and the Real World revivals will play out much like the original series: Made is set to pair "talented young underdogs" with experts who coach them as they reinvent themselves, and The Real World is going to get back to its roots by stripping away "the polarization and cold anonymity of social media" and the "din of the 24-hour news cycle" by placing seven strangers in a house together and documenting the chaos that ensues. 

In addition to the four revivals, MTV Studios has two new reality shows cooking behind the scenes. The first is The Valley, a coming-of-age documentary series billed in the vein of The Hills and The City that follows a group of twenty-somethings in Nogales, Arizona. The second is MTV's Straight-Up Ghosted, which explores the harshness of "ghosting," ending relationships by suddenly withdrawing communication without explanation. 

After Catfish creator Nev Schulman got into hot water following sexual misconduct allegations, thus causing MTV to suspend the seriesMTV's Straight-Up Ghosted could be the answer to Catfish on the network's new roster. 

Most of these planned reboots seem perfectly decent, but the one that may ruffle the most feathers is the new Daria

Yeah, the original Daria is a classic and, thanks to the power of the internet, Daria's blasé, can't-be-fussed attitude has lived on, inspiring the same nonchalant disposition in teens born after the series stopped airing in 2002. But does it make sense to bring Daria back now, 20 years after it premiere, especially when the original was "wholly reflective of the era of its creation — the '90s"? And what about Jane Lane, Daria's actual best friend? Her apparent absence in the reboot might turn potential viewers off. 

All things considered, MTV's new venture definitely has the capacity to be a success. And if things go how the network hopes, the reboots will work out in a really big way.