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Check Out How The Daria Characters Look Now

Since Facebook basically negated the need for actual class reunions, the characters of MTV's cult classic Daria are back as their grown-up selves in a new feature for Entertainment Weekly.

Believe it or not (and you probably won't), the Beavis and Butthead spinoff turns 20 this year. Character designer Karen Disher created updated versions of the main characters, and some have aged a little better than others.

Along with the photos (check out a group shot below), co-creator Susie Lewis also described what the characters would be doing today. Daria is working as a late-night writer in New York, where she lives with her toilet-trained cat "Godzilla." Jane also lives in the city while remaining committed to her art. Trent (who saw his band Mystik Spiral become one-hit wonders with "Freakin' Friends") lives with four bandmates in Queens and works as a bartender. And Daria's sister Quinn has "consciously uncoupled" from her college sweetheart and is raising triplet sons in Lawndale. All of that actually tracks.

The series last aired in 2002 with the movie Is It College Yet?, and MTV was thinking about a revival back in 2012 (via EW), but this might be as much closure as we're ever going to get.