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TWD: What Lennie James Wants For Morgan In Fear The Walking Dead's Last Season

As far as comic book adaptations for television go, few franchises can live up to the success of "The Walking Dead." While the mainline series has shambled its last step, spin-offs like "Fear the Walking Dead" continue to tell new stories in Robert Kirkman's post-apocalyptic landscape, and there are more projects in the works.

However, "Fear the Walking Dead" is about to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor by wrapping things up with its eighth and final season. Though Morgan Jones (Lennie James) hasn't been a part of the series since the beginning, he has been on the show for five years, and naturally, he has hopes for how his character's arc will finally be resolved as the show comes to a close.

The actor sat down with SFX via Games Radar, and while he was clear that he expects plenty of conflict in Season 8, he does hope that Morgan will find some sort of catharsis in this world of suffering. "What does Morgan live for, or what does Morgan die for? I think that is the mission for season eight," James explained. "If he achieves what he set out to do — which was to take care of the people that he cared about most — where does that leave him? Does that leave him walking away?" He concluded, "Or does that leave him in a puddle of blood on the floor, possibly about to turn?"

Lennie James knows that it could go either way for his character

Being that the world of "The Walking Dead" is often a place of desperately tragic choices and shockingly unhappy endings, Lennie James is right to wonder what kind of fate could be waiting for Morgan at the end of "Fear the Walking Dead." After all, many characters who were expected to live died, and many who fans thought would die lived on to the end of the original series.

James acknowledged the reality of this harsh world for his character. "Well, this is the Walking Dead universe. There is no life without struggle in this world that we've created. There is no happiness without pain," the actor said. All the same, James was clear that Morgan's final moments would not be ambiguous, whether he lives or dies.

"I think they're unavoidable questions and unavoidable possibilities for this man," the actor explained. "In season eight, we address those questions head on. And that's what I wanted for Morgan. I wanted his finale to be an answer to those questions," James concluded. 

The final season of "Fear the Walking Dead" will premiere on May 14th on AMC.