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How Fear The Walking Dead's Last Season Will Handle Sherry And Dwight

Contains spoilers for "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 8.

When last we left our band of fearless Texas-based survivors during last spring's "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 7 finale, former Savior Sherry (Christine Evangelista) has revealed to her husband Dwight (Austin Amelio) that she's pregnant with his child. That's a big cliffhanger looming over the heads of the rest of the Dark Horses, as the show enters into its eighth season. Especially since they're in the middle of a battle with Victor Strand (Colman Domingo).

Adding a child to Sherry and Dwight's complex lives is going to be quite the challenge. A much more challenging mental hoop for Season 8 viewers will be a seven-year time jump set to descend over the series. That means when next we see them, Sherry and Dwight have been parents for quite some time, and now reside in a seemingly blissful community with their kid (emphasis on "seemingly," because this is a "Walking Dead" show, after all). Christine Evangelista is fully prepared for this evolution in her character's psyche. She revealed during a press junket which took place at WonderCon in April of 2023, as covered by Comics Beat, that being a mother will definitely impact Sherry's demeanor and personality during Season 8. "With Sherry, the start of the season is centered around her being a mother and how that motivates her decisions and actions," Evangelista explained. 

Christine Evangelista says that Sherry's Season 8 story brings everything full circle

There are definitely daunting times ahead for Dwight and Sherry's clan of three. As we hinted above, they and many of the other survivors the series has been following will reside at PADRE, a guarded community which seems secure, well-stocked, and sedate. But PADRE conceals a dark secret: children keep going missing from the town's streets. They're being kidnapped by the forces who run PADRE, for as-of-yet unknown purposes.

Sounds like both character's MOs, this time, will involve protecting their child and getting out of PADRE while the getting's good. Either way, Christine Evangelista vows that Sherry's reactions will be founded in her past — and her many travels and travails with her husband. "All the lessons that she's learned in life and with Dwight inform all of her decisions moving forward in the final season. It has this beautiful culmination of all the lessons we've learned."

Since Sherry and Dwight are both coping, in their own ways, with how the past toxicity of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) impacted their lives, will they find a way to let go of the past? Or will their fight for the future include a pitstop to deal with a certain Lucille-wielding ghost, whom is very much still alive? "Fear the Walking Dead" viewers only have a little less than a month before we find out, as the show's final season debuts on May 14.