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Jack Ryan Seasons 3 & 4 Were Shot Together To Shrink The Time Gap Between Airing

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is one of the most enduring fictional characters in modern literature. Portrayed by the likes of Harrison Ford in "Patriot Games," Alec Baldwin in "The Hunt for Red October" and Ben Affleck in "The Sum of All Fears," Jack Ryan has been the star of 16 books and several film adaptations of Clancy's stories.

However, the Prime Video series, "Jack Ryan," has been near the top of the heap when it comes to well-received outings for the character. Bringing the former marine and CIA agent to the small screen looks like it was the right call, too, as the series has already had three action-packed seasons, with a fourth on the way.

Luckily for fans who can't wait to see more of this new take on Jack Ryan, John Krasinski told The Wrap that the delay between Season 3 and Season 4 should be much shorter than previous gaps. "We already finished [Season 4]," Krasinski said. "We actually shot three and four back to back."

Jack Ryan fans can expect Season 4 to arrive more quickly

As has been the case with other popular Prime Video series like "Invincible," "Jack Ryan" has seen a long delay between previous seasons. In fact, the wait between Season 2 and Season 3 was a markedly long three years. While these delays were likely fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, that's still quite a long wait for fans of the popular spy series, especially considering the break between the first two seasons was only a year.

The team behind "Jack Ryan" seemed to appreciate that fans might be a bit impatient after such an extensive delay, as John Krasinski's comments explained, concerning the newer seasons. "So that was the whole idea, knowing that the fans would go so long in between two and three, we decided to do three and four back to back so that they wouldn't have to wait that long again," Krasinski explained.

Unfortunately, Krasinski also confirmed that Season 4 of "Jack Ryan" would be the last, at least as far as his portrayal of the character is concerned. Still, the actor promised a triumphant final season. "It being the last season of the show, I think it's really a celebration of this team," Krasinski said. "It's a celebration of trust and how nothing's gonna get done if we can't rely on each other." While no release date has been announced for the final season, going off of Krasinski's comments, we should be seeing it sooner rather than later.