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Looper Asks: Which Upcoming Max Project Are You Most Excited For? - Exclusive Survey

We're fast approaching the much-hyped rebranding of HBO Max to simply Max. That rebrand comes as part of the massive Warner Bros and Discovery merge, that will dramatically reshape the scope of content available on the streaming platform. And with restructuring on the way, some longtime HBO devotees are worried that the quality of offerings will take a hit when Max becomes Max. However, the Warner Bros. Discovery bosses were wise enough to get ahead of the conversation during their announcement event, by coupling the news with a tease of what's ahead on the original programming front. That tease touted development on sequels, prequels, reboots, or spin-offs for a handful of legit blockbuster properties. 

In trying to decipher which of those Max projects folks are most excited to see, Looper took the democratic route, putting it to a vote on our YouTube Channel. A whopping 13 thousand fans cast a vote in the poll. And 37% of them crowned DC's Gotham-set spin-off "The Penguin" as the unanimous winner. 

"The Penguin" is, of course, a sequel series to Warner Bros. hit 2022 superhero flick, "The Batman," and is set to follow the rise of Colin Farrell's titular villain as he becomes the baddest of the city's many big bads. And it looks every bit as gritty as its predecessor. However, while "The Penguin" was the clear victor of Looper's poll, a few other projects earned a hefty amount of votes, as well.

The Penguin is not the only project Max subscribers are hot to see

"The Penguin" was also the only one of the projects on our ballot to debut actual footage during the Warner Bros. Discovery event, which no doubt helped its cause. But given the overwhelmingly positive reception to Farrell's Penguin in "The Batman," its win is hardly a shock.

Still, "The Penguin" did manage to KO a few serious contenders, none heavier than the upcoming decade-long series set in the Wizarding World of "Harry Potter," which took second place with 24% of the vote. The series is reported to be a more faithful reboot of the beloved film series from the 2000s, which already inspired generations of fantasy fans. Quite a number of those fans have made clear their feelings that a reboot isn't exactly necessary, so a second-place finish seems fitting. Sitting in third place with 17% of the vote is a series based on "The Conjuring" film franchise. As it is, little is known regarding the who, when, and where of the spin-off, but horror fans are clearly hot to check it out.

That brings us to the number four slot, occupied by "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight." The "Game of Thrones" prequel will follow unlikely heroes Sir Duncan the Tall and his trusted squire Egg. With 12% of votes, the "Game of Thrones" prequel narrowly beat out "The Big Bang Theory" spin-off, which took 11%. Little is known about the spin-off, but it seems 11% of the population actually do want to see more stories set in that sitcom realm.