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Modern Family's Sarah Hyland Doesn't Remember Filming Certain Episodes

Being a part of any long-running series is a tall task, but some have greater obstacles than others. Such was the case for Sarah Hyland, who from 2009 to 2020, portrayed the eldest child of the Dunphy family, Haley, on the hit sitcom "Modern Family." 

On a February 2022 episode of the "Quitters Podcast" hosted by Chad Sanders and fellow "Modern Family" alum Julie Bowen, Hyland shared the challenges she faced while working on the show given her reoccurring health issues, in particular, her chronic kidney dysplasia. On two separate instances during the show's run, Hyland had to receive kidney transplants, which made filming leading up to the operations especially difficult. "There are some episodes of 'Modern Family' where I do not remember filming because I was asleep," she recalls, pinpointing an episode where she asks Luke (Nolan Gould) for money as an example. 

Despite her constant exhaustion, Hyland managed to pull through whenever filming took place, commenting, "When you have grown up your entire life having health issues and always essentially being in pain, you have to learn how to have thick skin, put on a show, put on a smile in front of everybody." That thick skin and smile not only helped Hyland get through shooting "Modern Family," but also helped her push past numerous obstacles throughout her personal life. 

Hyland's health hasn't stopped her from loving life

For many, the idea of living with a chronic illness might feel like it would close the door to living out a fulfilling life. But for "Modern Family" actor Sarah Hyland, her array of health issues hasn't stopped her from fulfilling her dreams, even if it made filming certain episodes especially arduous.

Hyland dove deep into what her kidney surgeries entailed in a 2018 interview with SELF. Her first kidney transplant in 2011 saw her father donate his kidney to save Hyland, but a few years after, the kidney showed signs of rejection. "When a family member gives you a second chance at life and it fails, it almost feels like it's your fault — and it's not, but it does," she explained. Following this, Hyland endured months of dialysis treatment, all while going through a deep depression and still starring on "Modern Family." On top of this, she got a hernia following the kidney removal which only worsened after a car accident. It was later discovered that Hyland's younger brother was a match which led to her second kidney surgery. 

But Hyland's determination knows no bounds. No matter how high the barrier, the actor has and will continue to find ways to conquer them. "That list doesn't stop," she said, referring to her health problems. "But that list doesn't hold me back from anything. I won't let it."