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La Brea Fans Aren't Thrilled With Eve And Levi

When NBC's "La Brea" premiered, it dared to offer a refreshingly unique science fiction experience on primetime TV. The show's premise focused on a mysterious sinkhole opening in modern-day Los Angeles and somehow transporting a bunch of strangers back in time to 10,000 B.C. Stuck in the past, these folks have to find a way home and survive against numerous prehistoric creatures. But no matter how many dire wolves and mastodons "La Brea" threw at its characters, the series still made room for some additional soap opera mayhem, especially between Eve (Natalie Zea), Gavin (Eoin Macken), and Levi (Nicholas Gonzalez).

To recap, Eve cheats on her husband Gavin with his best friend Levi before the sinkhole appears. And the love triangle continues when Levi enters a portal after Eve and the other survivors. Eventually, Gavin joins them, too, making for one of the most awkward onscreen reunions. And ultimately, Eve even winds up choosing Gavin over Levi. But before Gavin's arrival, Eve and Levi are left with a lot of time together, catching up and possibly rekindling their affair. It should have made for a thrilling romance-fueled storyline for "La Brea." Instead, many fans on a Reddit post expressed that they weren't thrilled with Eve and Levi's affair. As one fan put it, "I hate this love triangle. Why do they have to throw in soap opera storylines? I want a prehistoric creature to have Levi as dinner."

Those are definitely strong words against the relationship (although Levi caught the worst of that). And as the thread went on, fans continued to pick apart and explain why the couple didn't work.

Hardly anyone wants to support a cheater

The massive woolly mammoth-sized problem that most fans have with Eve and Levi is that their relationship is built on an extramarital affair and that alone is enough for them to dislike the two instantly. That was the case for u/Tiamat_fire_and_ice, who wrote, "When they revealed that she was a cheater, I went to active dislike, and that's where I have stayed. I think Levi was despicable, too; I'm not dumping it all on Eve because she's the woman. I'm dumping most of the blame on her because she was the married one." As other fans noted, even the reasons surrounding Eve and Levi coming together in the first place doesn't paint them in a good light.

We learn in "La Brea" that Eve and Levi's affair began after Gavin's plane accident, and his strange visions drove him to drink. While it's understandable that Gavin's personal low moment put a major strain on his relationship with Eve, some fans, such asĀ u/This_Violinist_6097, noted that she would have been better off divorcing Gavin rather than just cheating on him with his best friend. In addition, the fact that Gavin's visions turned out to come true about the main events in "La Brea," as well as his efforts to go in and save Eve and their family, have made fans like u/TillIGetMyEmailBack sympathize with him. They posted, "Like Gavin loves her so much that it actually upsets me because he deserves better than that."

But perhaps the actual crime of Eve and Levi's affair is that it takes focus away from what's really important in "La Brea," like all those computer-generated beasts. U/BalaAthens summed up their investment perfectly with, "I'm just here for the CGI's.."