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Small Details You Missed In The Penguin Teaser

While there have been many shake-ups as far as DC movies are concerned, comic book fans can at least take solace in the fact that "The Batman" will continue as an Elseworlds project. As a result, that particular Batman installment, as well as any sequels and spin-offs, are not going to relate directly to other films that come out of James Gunn and Peter Safran's DC Universe. 

There are numerous storylines "The Batman — Part II" could take, but before that happens, fans will be treated to a spin-off series centered on Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin (Colin Farrell), introduced in "The Batman." Max, the new moniker for HBO Max, released an in-production teaser for the forthcoming series. That means in addition to getting a glimpse of some already shot footage from the show, there are also behind-the-scenes shots of the crew capturing the noir story. While Penguin was a lower-tier antagonist in "The Batman," who played second fiddle to the likes of the Riddler (Paul Dano) and Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz), here he will take center stage in his own story, that promises to be just as dark and violent as the film it spawned from.

Already, there's quite a bit for fans to chew on, and many small details pointing to the future of the Dark Knight's darkest on-screen saga to date. 

The Penguin takes place right after The Batman flood

The grim first look at "The Penguin" opens with a haunting reminder of the explosive events from the end of Matt Reeve's preceding film "The Batman." We look out over Gotham City, still partially submerged after the devastating attacks by the Riddler, with lakes of water engulfing the streets. This appropriately sets the tone for a certain aquatically-named villain to take the throne as the crime king of Gotham.

One of the most important elements to take away from the ruined setting is the state of chaos the city is in — another take on the "No Man's Land" storyline of the comics, which also inspired "The Dark Knight Rises." In the new series, it seems the flood will be part of what enables the Penguin to step up and rule after Falcone's death. The Gotham City Police Department, and even Batman himself, probably have their hands full in a desperate attempt to restore the regular state of affairs for a major city after such a disastrous flood (as evident from the FEMA truck in the teaser), to say the least, leaving lots of room for Cobblepot to operate. 

These floodwaters also make it clear that the series appears to take place immediately after the first movie, meaning "The Penguin" will likely be an unmissable anchor between the two "The Batman" films. Don't skip it, in other words.

Penguin and Sofia Falcone are playing nice (for now)

Viewers who watched "The Batman" will know that The Penguin and Gotham City's number one kingpin Carmine Falcone didn't exactly end on the best of terms before the latter was assassinated by the Riddler. Even with Falcone dead, it's clear that Oz is going to be taking on the remaining loyalists of his former leader's empire as he works his way to Gotham's top. That makes it a little surprising to see one brief sequence in the trailer in which the Penguin is wining-and-dining Falcone's daughter Sofia (Cristin Milioti) at a nice restaurant.

It seems like Penguin will at least be making an earnest attempt to keep things nice and positive with Falcone's heir. Of course, fans already know that goodwill isn't going to last for very long. When Milioti was first cast as Sofia Falcone in "The Penguin," she was described as Penguin's greatest opponent as he vies for control of Gotham's underworld. Still, this brief glimpse suggests that the two will share a more interesting dynamic than just being pure enemies. "Gotham" fans may also see a few shades of the characters' relationship from that other Batman TV series.

The Penguin's signature waddle is back

Fans of "The Batman" likely noticed one important physical trait that was previously missing in the makeup of Oswald Cobblepot, which is now on full display during the trailer for "The Penguin" — that is, the mobster has gained a more pronounced version of his signature penguin-like waddle. While he did waddle briefly within "The Batman" when his feet were tied together, and his gait during the film has a certain rocky cadence, this is the first time he's seen to clearly walk that way without his limbs being bound together.

It's currently unknown as to whether or not the mobster's new strut will be explained within the body of the series. It's possibly a result of the car crash he experienced while in a chase with Batman (Robert Pattinson) during the film. Alternatively, maybe it will simply go unremarked upon during the length of the season. In any event, he's definitely starting to look more and more like the monocle-sporting, top hat wearing fellow we all know and love in the comics. 

The Penguin's Iceberg Lounge isn't looking so hot

The Penguin may be rising as the new kingpin of Gotham City, but it seems like he's going to have to do it without the safety of one of his original haunts. Early on in the teaser, viewers can see the Batman baddie arrive outside of a building in a fancy car. It's a bit hard to make out among all the rain and dim lighting reflected in the puddles, but a broken-down sign reveals that this location is none other than the Iceberg Lounge — Penguin's bustling night club from "The Batman." Suffice to say, it doesn't look like business is booming for the establishment as much as it was then.

It's not too much of a surprise that the Iceberg Lounge has fallen on hard times after "The Batman," especially when considering Gotham's newfound flooding problem. As was seen in "The Batman," a good portion of the club is underground, so it probably hasn't fared very well in a city-wide disaster involving so much excess water. 

Nonetheless, Penguin's return to the location indicates that he still has some unfinished business there. Could the Iceberg Lounge get brought back to its glory days before the series is up? Anything's possible, especially for what stands as one of Gotham City's most famous locations.

Rhenzy Feliz might be playing a niche New 52 character in The Penguin

Rhenzy Feliz (best known for playing teen superhero Alex Wilder in Hulu's decently received but shortlived Marvel series "The Runaways") was announced to have joined the core cast of "The Penguin" in February of this year. Though his character name is still being kept a secret, it has been rumored (and now seemingly confirmed by this teaser) that Feliz will be playing Cobblepot's young confidant and driver — the Christopher to his Tony. It's interesting that HBO would choose to keep Feliz's character shrouded in mystery, given that he appears to just be some kid Cobblepot picked up off the street. This may mean that the character's name alone would spoil part of the series' plot, and that would certainly hold true if his name turns out to be Ignatius Ogilvy.

Created by John Layman and Jason Fabok during the New 52 era of DC's "Detective Comics" series, Ogilvy was an orphan who joined the Penguin's crew at a very young age. Through sacrifice, loyalty, and careful deception, Ogilvy earned Cobblepot's trust and eventually became his right-hand man.

However, Ogilvy's loyalty to the Penguin was merely a means of enacting his own grand scheme. When Cobblepot allowed Ogilvy to briefly run his operations during a temporary absence, Ogilvy worked quickly to overthrow him and claim his power permanently, taking on the title of Emperor Penguin. In HBO's teaser, Cobblepot very clearly warns Feliz's character not to double-cross him — perhaps this moment is meant to foreshadow a similar betrayal later in the series.

Dillon Ave might be a nod to two Gotham artists

In the teaser, Cobblepot and Rhenzy Feliz's mystery character are seen boarding a metro stop on Dillon Ave (which looks suspiciously like Queens, New York, but we'll not go into that, for now). Dillon Avenue is actually a canon Gotham street name from DC Comics, and it's a location that can even be visited in the 2022 video game "Gotham Knights," in which you patrol the titular city as one of Batman's various proteges after the hero's untimely death.

The name "Dillon" could be a tribute to prolific comic book artist Steve Dillon, who co-created a number of DC Comics and Vertigo characters and frequently collaborated with Garth Ennis. The two worked together on "Preacher," "Hellblazer," and, briefly, on the Gotham-set crime series "Hitman." Dillon passed away in 2016. Following his death, two real streets in his hometown of Luton (located in Bedfordshire, England) were named after him.

Meanwhile, his brother, Glyn Dillon, is a costume designer and concept artist who helped create Robert Pattinson's new bat-suit in "The Batman" with fellow designer David Crossman. The street name may be a tribute to both men, who at different points lent their artistry to the iconic fictional city in which "The Penguin" is set.