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Famous Gotham Locations That Should Be Featured In The Batman 2

A sequel for the newest Bat-flick "The Batman" by writer/director Matt Reeves is all but officially confirmed by DC. The film has gotten plenty of rave reviews and raked in a healthy amount at the global box office, so it wouldn't be hard to imagine the green light. In an interview with The Independent, Matt Reeves himself said that a "The Batman 2" is in the works. So now all that's left is to wonder what could be in store for the Caped Crusader in the next instalment of the Reeves-verse.

In particular, "The Batman" showed a Gotham city grounded in reality with rich, moody cinematography and realistic adjustments to famed Gotham locations. One of which, The Penguin's Iceberg Lounge, was turned from a classy, rich-person club into a party-goers night club with a secret basement criminal hustle. The change not only fit the mood, but the story of modern day corruption that "The Batman" is trying to tell.

So what other famous Gotham locations could fit into this new Bat-verse? Here's a list of some of the most obvious, interesting, and surprising locations that would be a great addition to "The Batman 2." And caution, spoilers for "The Batman" are ahead.

Ace Chemicals

Ace Chemicals, formally known as the Ace Chemical Processing Plant, is one of the most prominent Gotham locations throughout Batman lore. Seen throughout the Batman comics, video games, animated TV shows, and feature films like "Birds of Prey" and "Suicide Squad," it's the famed location where the Joker (and sometimes Harley Quinn) become their pale-skinned villainous selves through a fall into a vat of toxins. It is often portrayed as abandoned, making it a prime place for criminals and villains to hide and prepare their plans, and also a prime location for Batman to infiltrate.

In "The Batman 2," Ace Chemicals could serve a similar purpose by housing a new, toxic criminal element that Robert Pattinson's Batman has to flush out of Gotham. It could also serve as the grounds for the birth of the Joker and Harley Quinn, the former of whom was already hinted at in "The Batman." Matt Reeves, however, told IGN that he envisions the Joker's as someone with a congenital disease, so this probably wouldn't be the case. But Ace Chemicals could still serve as a part of (or at least a nice backdrop to) Reeves' toxic and corrupt Gotham.

Gotham Docks

Like Ace Chemicals, the Gotham Docks have been a staple location for villains and their henchmen to do their dirty work, though the location isn't limited to just a single type of baddie. In Batman games like the "Arkham" series and in animated movies and shows, Gotham's docks serve as an area of exchange for drugs and other illegal goods and services.

The Gotham Docks would be an interesting location to see in Reeves' Gotham, particularly after the catastrophic destruction of the breakwaters that flooded the city at the end of "The Batman." In the aftermath of the disaster, the docks would be in the process of being rebuilt and business probably wouldn't be flowing as normally. On the flip side, there could be more criminal activity at the docks because some of it may be abandoned or seen as unsalvageable. In any case, the Gotham Docks in "The Batman 2" would heighten the worldbuilding in Reeves' Gotham.

Haly's Circus

The fantastical traveling troupe that is Haly's Circus is the set for the origin of Dick Grayson aka Robin, Batman's first protogé. The tale varies slightly throughout retellings in Batman comics, but essentially the traveling circus makes a stop in Gotham one night and Bruce Wayne goes to see the show. Featured are the acrobatic Flying Graysons, composed of John and Mary Grayson and their son Dick. During their routine, their equipment fails, which sees them fall to their death and leaving Dick as an orphan.

This location would need to be included to introduce a Robin into the Reeves-verse and set up the perfect parallel between Bruce and Dick. Robert Pattinson himself has said (per Insider) that he'd like to see a young Robin in a sequel. Logically, it would have to be Dick Grayson, and would have to be where Bruce meets him at the fateful show.


Blüdhaven is often portrayed in Batman comics and the DC Animated Universe as a mirror to Gotham. It's just as corrupt and gritty, just a little further north. It's also known as the patrol city of Nightwing (Dick Grayson's adult hero identity) and is home to many of the people in his rogues gallery. In recent years in the comics, these have included villains such as Blockbuster, Raptor, and Heartless.

Including Blüdhaven in "The Batman 2" would make sense, considering Selina name-dropped the location as the place where she considers going at the end of the film. Bruce could go to the city for Selina's help, and in turn the film could pepper in some Easter eggs to hint at the potential Dick Grayson Robin and future Nightwing. A visit to the city could also introduce new villains, like the ones from Nightwing's rogues gallery. And since the location is essentially "Gotham North," there's tons of potential for parallels and comparisons to be made between the cities.

Crime Alley

In most interpretations of Bruce Wayne's story, including in the 2016 big screen adaptation of Batman "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," Crime Alley is the place where Thomas and Martha Wayne are killed after leaving the Monarch Theatre. This is the trademark event cited for the creation of Bruce Wayne's Batman persona and is also used as a place of significance in Batman lore — for example, it's where he meets his second Robin, Jason Todd.

"The Batman" forgoes the traditional origin story and leaves out some of the finer details, instead showing the Waynes' death through Bruce's actions and emotion, or lack thereof. A visit to the place of his parents' death would allow Pattinson's Bruce Wayne/Batman to be able to come to terms with it more, something that began at the end of "The Batman." And who knows, maybe a certain tire-stealing kid could make an appearance.

Gotham Clock Tower

The Wayne Tower is the base of Batman's operations in "The Batman," but in Batman comics and the "Arkham" video games, the Gotham Clock Tower is often the base of Barbara Gordon/Oracle and the Birds of Prey. Owned by Wayne Enterprises, the Gotham Clock Tower has been the stronghold for several heroes in Gotham and abroad and is outfitted with the latest Wayne tech. As it is a huge, noticeable structure, however, it's always a prime target for Bat-plots to have it explode in a fiery blaze — including what happened in the recent Fear State event.

Considering there's already a DCEU Birds of Prey movie, and a Batgirl film in the works, it's unlikely these characters would show up. However, including the Clock Tower in "The Batman 2" could provide a cool, gothic set piece for Batman to visit, and potentially house a few Easter eggs.

Gotham Botanical Gardens

Gotham definitely doesn't seem like the greenest city in the world — especially in "The Batman," with its congested, carbon-filled landscape. But in adaptations like the "Arkham" video games, the Gotham Botanical Gardens are often a main set piece for the action, particularly if villain Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy is involved. Notably, when Scarecrow's fear toxin fills the air in "Arkham Knight," Poison Ivy uses her home in the Gardens to generate a counter-toxin and save the city from insanity.

Just like in these video games, including some sort of garden or greenhouse in "The Batman 2" would be interesting, especially if it allows Pamela Isley to bloom into Poison Ivy. Her origin could go along with idea of corruption in "The Batman," only she'd be directing her rage at the casual corruption of nature, showing Batman that injustice isn't just found in the murder of humans.

Satellite Bat-caves

Batman's not one to be unprepared, and it shows through him having multiple remote Bat-safehouses that he can access when he pleases. The locations vary in different continuities, but if you can think of it, it probably existed. From a Bat-submarine to a humble Bat-brownstone in the Detective Comics (2016) series, Bruce is always ready to be ready.

As Pattinson's Batman grows as a hero, he would undoubtedly expand his operations in Gotham to have smaller back-up bases around the city. While his current, main Bat-cave under Wayne Tower is impressive, he would probably still need more space to also house all of the cool vehicles he may want to build in the future. In a recent Detective Comics (2016) run, written by Mariko Tamaki and drawn by Dan Mora, Batman is also seen having underground tunnel and sewer safehouses. Having a similar base in "The Batman 2" could lead to a Killer Croc encounter, a villain who hasn't yet been seen in a live-action Batman film (but who did appear in "Suicide Squad").

Court of Owls hideout

The Court of Owls are an ages-old secret society composed of Gotham's rich and influential citizens, who meet wearing white owl masks and try to bend the city to its will. Created in 2011 by writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo, they were the antagonists that kicked off the big New 52 reboot in the "Batman" series. The villains have since gone on to become the main antagonists in the upcoming "Gotham Knights" video game and were a big part of the "Gotham" television show.

Robert Pattinson and Paul Dano themselves have said in an interview with Vanity Fair that they would like to see the Court of Owls in this new Bat-universe. With that would come a visit to one of their secret meeting spots in the Gotham elite's control, or even the underground Labyrinth — first seen at the end of Batman #4 (2011) — through which Batman struggles to survive for a week. In any case, including the Court of Owls and their secluded hideouts in any capacity in "The Batman 2" would add another layer to Gotham's corruption and deceit.

Gotham Courthouse

Another staple location seen throughout Batman adaptations, the Gotham Courthouse is home to all of the city's attempts at justice. In "Batman Begins," it serves as a main location for the trial of Joe Chill (known for being the person who murdered Bruce's parents). It's also the place where Joe Chill gets assassinated by one of mob boss Carmine Falcone's henchmen to protect Falcone's illegal operations.

We got to see a lot of Gotham's architecture in "The Batman," including a gothic church for the funeral of the city's mayor Don Mitchell Jr. Visiting a similarly gothic Gotham courthouse would be a great way to play with ideas of law and morality in "The Batman 2." It could also serve as a way to introduce a character like lawyer Harvey Dent, aka Two Face, last seen on the big screen in the Christopher Nolan Batman films. And although Falcone dies in "The Batman," his influence surely still remains and would continue to influence Gotham's criminal justice system.