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The Marvels Teaser Trailer Has Fans Obsessing Over Kamala Khan & Goose

It's a good day to be a fan of the MCU, because the trailer for "The Marvels" has finally arrived, and it did not disappoint. The latest chapter in the ongoing expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe pairs super-powered Avenger Captain Marvel (Brie Larsen) with newly-powered heroes Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), casting the trio on a power-swapping, inter-galactic adventure with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and a band of allies in tow. 

The who's, what's, and where's of that adventure still aren't entirely clear in spite of the trailer's release. But fans of the first "Captain Marvel" no doubt recognized one of those allies in the trailer: the Flerken in kitty's clothing known as Goose. The beastly, tentacled fur ball hasn't been seen since "Captain Marvel," though canon dictates the animal has been living with Fury since their fateful meeting. Goose also, of course, turned up in several drawings from the Captain Marvel-obsessed Khan (aka Mrs. Marvel) during her streaming debut.

It's more than fitting then that Goose makes his trailer appearance alongside Khan. And Marvel fans are already obsessing over the duo. For example, @mcutanthamore posted their love of the pairing, writing, "First meeting of Kamala and Goose, I'm absolute crying." Elsewhere, user @StraderZane gleefully chimed in on the subject with the all-caps comment,"KAMALA AND GOOSE MEETING FOR THE FIRST TIME," followed by several celebratory emojis. 

And yes, those posts were just the tip of the iceberg.

Marvel fans are expecting great things from the Kamala & Goose team up

As for the brief trailer clip, it finds Kamala Khan inadvertently swapping locations with Carol Danvers (better known as Captain Marvel), who happened to be fighting some bad guys on a space-set craft of some sort. As Khan begins to orient herself, she finds little Goose right next to her, and the Flerken soon unleashes the inner beast, ingesting a pair of presumed enemies. Meanwhile, Khan — understandably and hilariously — reacts in shock. The scene is just a couple of seconds long, but according to the Twitter-verse chatter, it clearly left MCU die-hards thirsting for more.

There were, naturally, some fans who merely reveled in the silliness of the moment, with @grantsdanvers posting, "Kamala's reaction to Goose is so funny, I love them." Meanwhile, @PreenBANANA took to the platform to proclaim the partnership the pinnacle of modern-day movies, tweeting, "KAMALA AND GOOSE!?! THIS IS THE PEAK CINEMA." @chrrywtch also chimed in, posting, "Goose is an icon she is a legend, she's everything."

As for Twitter user @Daviesallison1A, they fully believe Marvel fans are set to see a lot more of the pairing when "The Marvels" makes its way to theaters in November, commenting, "Why do I think Kamala and Goose are gonna be an amazing duo." That is indeed the question on the lips of many Marvel devotees, who are clearly expecting very big things from Kamala Khan and Goose the Flerken down the road. And given the expectation fans have for the duo, "The Marvels" team will surely disappoint if they don't deliver.