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Return To Neverland In The New Trailer For Peter Pan & Wendy

In the first moments of the new trailer for Disney+'s "Peter Pan & Wendy," Ever Anderson's Wendy tells viewers what will drive the pixie-dust-fueled narrative of this live-action, fantasy reboot. With the wistful words, "I don't want to grow up," audiences are launched into a cinematic cascade of peak-Pan moments harkening back in large part to Disney's 1953 animated journey to Neverland and all its magical moments. For any fan of the animated feature, the new trailer packs in all the familiar nostalgia anyone could dream of. 

Shortly after Evers and her on-screen siblings are introduced in the moonlit bedroom of the Darling family home, Tinker Bell (Yara Shahidi) swoops in and is snatched out of the air by John (Joshua Pickering). Seconds later, Peter (Alexander Molony) alights in the window. Then, he and the Darlings take flight into the night air for that indelible scene of Pan and the children gliding past Big Ben. Next, they zoom toward the second star to the right and straight on 'till morning,' just like in the animated movie.

The new trailer doesn't stint on iconic Pan-centric scenes and characters

Shortly after touching down in the idyllic Neverland, the "Peter Pan & Wendy" trailer picks up more speed as it barrels along into a best-of-list of all the fondly remembered set pieces from the 1953 classic. Pan also informs the kids that there are no rules, schools, or bedtime in Neverland. Most importantly, as Wendy points out, there is also no growing up in Neverland. 

Later, fans meet Alyssa Wapanatâhk's Tiger Lily and Jude Law's Captain Hook, whose first trailer appearance had fans split. Aboard Hook's ship, viewers are treated to some sword fighting and Pan's snark. When Hook remarks it's "just like old times," Peter retorts that "all your times are old, Captain."  

Along with them capturing the dynamic of the original animated rivals, the live-action trailer promises more swordplay, a large crocodile, a stirring musical crescendo, and Wendy eventually admitting that "to grow up might just be the biggest adventure of all." 

Audiences can follow "Peter Pan & Wendy" to Neverland when the film exclusive streams on Disney+ April 28.