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Ravenous: The Snowy Cannibal Thriller That Yellowjackets Fans Should Watch Next

"Yellowjackets" has become one of the biggest come-from-behind success stories over the last couple of years of television. With significant critical acclaim and a strong following, the series has been growing its reach and its audience despite its disturbing subject matter, and is currently sinking its teeth into a campier second season.

However, with the unexpected popularity of the wilderness survival/cannibal thriller show, fans of the Showtime series might be wondering what course of questionably sourced meat they should be serving up next. If that sounds like you, then we've got just the recommendation for you to carve up next.

Antonia Bird's 1999 horror thriller "Ravenous" has all of the trauma, all of the twists and turns, and a hefty helping of the absurd campiness that makes "Yellowjackets" such an addictive watch. Focusing on men of questionable morality turning to cannibalism and the supernatural ramifications that it has for them and those around them, the movie is an absolute one-of-a-kind gem. Furthermore, with actors like Robert Carlyle and Jeremy Davies operating at their absolutely over-the-top limits, the film never fails to entertain. 

Ravenous has everything fans love about Yellowjackets

"Ravenous" follows the soldiers stationed at a remote military outpost in California during the 1800s on a mission to track down a murderous cannibal. They're being led by the only survivor of the murderer's horrific feast, and at least two of them have already committed cannibalism in the past, which makes the mission one that's sure to end badly for everyone involved.

However, that's just the beginning, as "Ravenous" becomes increasingly unhinged and unpredictable as the story unfolds. As the central characters begin turning on one another and making meals of each other, a supernatural element slowly unfolds that changes the way that cannibalism works in this story and adds further terrifying layers to the film.

Still, what makes "Ravenous" especially appetizing for fans of "Yellowjackets" is that it has everything that fans love about the Showtime series. Gallows humor? Check. Queer subtext? Check. A totally bizarre tone that has you regularly questioning what you just watched? Absolute check. We'll hold off on revealing too much, as this one is definitely best experienced with as little knowledge about where it goes as possible.

While critics rejected the film when it first came out, like many cult classics, the film has since been reevaluated by horror hounds. With a unique tone and an absolute banger of a soundtrack, "Ravenous" is the movie that will help you scratch that "Yellowjackets" itch while you're eagerly waiting for the next episode to drop.