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Yellowjackets Season 2 Premiere: Fans Are Split Over The Amped-Up Campiness

Showtime drama "Yellowjackets" wasn't necessarily an immediate hit for the network, but once fans started hyping up its quality over the course of its first season, the series quickly found its footing as a major success. That said, whereas viewers going in blind had no reason to expect big things from what was then an unknown quantity, now that "Yellowjackets" is so popular, fans' expectations are effectively much higher in comparison for Season 2. In fact, "Yellowjackets" co-creator Ashley Lyle struggled with the pressure for Season 2 to live up to what came before it, as she recounted in an interview.

Fortunately for Lyle and the show's sizable fanbase, a number of critics have enjoyed "Yellowjackets" Season 2 so far. That said, some fans think that this season of "Yellowjackets" is campier than the one that came before it, though whether or not that matters is up for debate.

Notably, a few different users shared their opinions about the "Yellowjackets" Season 2 premiere's level of campiness in a discussion thread about the episode on Reddit, spurred by a comment by user mindful_maintenance. "Last season, they were judicious with their humor which maintained the dark mysteriousness of the show, but now it seems to be heading down Riverdale lane," they wrote after arguing that "Yellowjackets" is now noticeably campier than it was in Season 1. Meanwhile, the users who replied to this comment have various thoughts about the extent to which this impacts the series overall.

Some fans online are skeptical of Season 2's tone thus far, but hopeful for its future

In response to Reddit user mindful_maintenance arguing that "Yellowjackets" Season 2, Episode 1 is overall campier in tone that what came before it, user shameless_autotune agreed and even shared that they found a couple of scenes in the episode outright unbecoming of what is otherwise a quality series. "BUT it is the first episode of a brand new season with lots of new characters, developments and whatnot; I'm confident the writing will be more serious and authentic further into the season," they continued.

"I still love the show so far but totally agree," wrote user tabbrenea in another response. "Some of the modern timeline writing felt cheesy. The Adam crime plot feels cheap right now. Still redeemable, though. I think based on actor interviews that next episode will be more intense."

So, while viewers may have slightly varying opinions about the specifics of its perhaps now campier nature, these and likely other viewers agree that Season 2's tone has an altogether negative impact on Episode 1. Nevertheless, each of these users is likewise open to the possibility that "Yellowjackets" will improve moving forward.