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Barbie's Teaser Trailer Has Fans Questioning The Movie's Plot

A brand new "Barbie" movie trailer has dropped, and we can now get a much more detailed glimpse into the world of the highly anticipated film. After the first teaser trailer, moviegoers only really got a short introduction to Margot Robbie's portrayal of the classic Mattel figure, seeming to be just a simple pre-opening credits sample. This new preview truly opens the curtains to reveal the world Barbie comes from, which is a colorful explosion of statuesque living dolls who all appear to have mastered the art of being perfect. And although the teaser makes it clear that Barbie is heading to the real world with Ken in tow, the majority of the footage takes place in a fantasy land, confusing fans about what the movie's plot actually is.

Over on Reddit, u/LimePeel96 proposed the question, "Is it me or does it seem like they're only showing things from the beginning of the movie?" Responding to that, u/NoNefariousness2144 believes this is a marketing tactic, saying, "Probably because the real-world stuff will be more 'grey' and 'gritty' compared to the fun pop of the colors in Barbie Land." So, is this teaser actually hinting at a different plot than what will be shown when audiences finally get to watch the full movie?

Where exactly does the majority of Barbie take place?

There's a good chance you're going to have a smile on your face when watching the second "Barbie" trailer. A quick rush of colors, fun references, and beautiful people distract from the confusion that may occur for the many fans who are trying to figure out what the actual narrative is. On Twitter, @SigmaGosling reacted with, "Interesting how all of the scenes from the Barbie trailer are all set within the Barbie world and not in the real world." U/Cool-I-guess believes this is an apparent marketing ploy by commenting, "They wanted a trailer to heavily market towards children and families, which this trailer is obviously going for." If this is the case, some fans wonder if this promotional attempt misses the mark.

If producers were using this new "Barbie" teaser to appeal to family audiences, some viewers believe it has the opposite effect. The part in question is when Ken is having an argument with another doll, threatening each other with a "beach-off." When watching the scene, it's easy to spot the adult-themed joke the dialogue is insinuating. This back-and-forth is far from subtle according to u/NZLaw who stated, "If they're aiming for families that probably isn't the way to go ... They're usually a lot sneakier, not so on the nose, not in the trailer, and certainly not taking up so much time in the trailer." After watching the new "Barbie" teaser, although visually stunning, the story remains a mystery. Hopefully, an upcoming full trailer will help clear up that blemish.