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Sanditon: How Many Episodes Are In Season 3?

The breathless romance, lavish parties, spirited women, and earnest bachelors are back in Season 3 of "Sanditon," which began its run on PBS Masterpiece back in March. With news breaking that this will also be the last season, the series is attempting to tie up all of its various loose ends. For ardent fans of the show perching on the edges of their seats, the most concerning of these unresolved narrative arcs is of course the love triangle between young Jane Austen heroine Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams), fiancé Ralph Starling (Cai Bridgen), and would-be love match Alexander Colbourne (Ben Lloyd-Hughes). 

As Charlotte returns to the wind-swept vistas and colorful social whirl of Sanditon's beachside resort, her upcoming marriage to the rather plodding and thus unsuitable Ralph seems inescapable. But what period drama set in Regency England would be complete without the prospect of a socially conflicted romantic rival hovering in the wings? Colbourne's sensitive and brooding widower more than fits this bill. And while fans may be in a maddening state of suspense about exactly how these three lovers will finally sort out their futures, one mystery can be demystified right now. How many episodes are there in "Sanditon" Season 3? There are a total of six, and we even know a bit about what will transpire in those installments as this fan-favorite PBS drama closes out its run.

Sanditon Season 3 features half a dozen episodes filled with drama and romance

Adapted from Jane Austen's not-quite-completed novel, the first season of "Sanditon" sees Charlotte Heywood leaving her familiar country life to confront the new, sometimes daunting, but always exciting world of Sanditon's bustling seaside resort. With Alex Colbourne arriving to become Charlotte's new love interest in Season 2, the romantic intrigue is dialed up, then dialed back down again as this new affair hits stormy waters by the season finale.

As Season 3 begins, Charlotte's return to Sanditon finds her having second thoughts about Colbourne. And as hunting season sends the men in search of game, the party season sends everyone in search of love. All six episodes are already available on PBS Passport, and as noted by PBS, the festive soirees of Season 3 conspire to push Charlotte and Alex back into each other's company. By the end, Charlotte is pushed to the verge of expressing her deepest romantic feelings. But in the world of Jane Austen, nothing is ever that simple. To learn how the Charlotte-Ralph-Alex triangle is eventually untangled, fans can binge all six episodes of "Sanditon" on PBS Passport, or extend the delicious suspense and watch one installment at a time every Sunday on PBS.