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Extraction 2 Trailer: Fans Feel The Sequel Deserves A Theatrical Release

Netflix is preparing to take viewers on another hard-hitting action adventure with "Extraction 2," but many fans feel the film has a life beyond the streamer. Following the footsteps of its 2020 predecessor, "Extraction 2" will see the return of Chris Hemsworth as black ops mercenary Tyler Rake as he sets out to rescue the imprisoned family of a merciless, Georgian gangster. 

The first film, while maybe not the most emotionally resonant piece out there, delivered on what many came to see — Chris Hemsworth kicking butt. Its sequel seems to promise a super-sized order of high-stakes action, showcasing Rake fighting his way through a prison in a stunning long take that even sees his hand on fire at one point. 

Viewers of the "Extraction 2" trailer are more than cognizant of the film's ambition, so much so that many feel the Russo Brothers-produced thriller shouldn't be limited to laptop screens. YouTuber @shreyanshchaurasiya4031 puts it best in the trailer's comment section, claiming, "This movie deserves a theater release."

Fans feel Extraction is worthy of the IMAX treatment

If "Extraction 2" is anywhere near as exciting as its two-minute trailer, then Netflix could very well have a "John Wick"-esque franchise on its hands. Just as the Keanu Reeves-led series is worthy of a theatrical release, many believe that Chris Hemsworth's latest franchise deserves the same treatment. 

Fans feel that Netflix should pull out all the stops with "Extraction 2." On YouTube, @marendur yearns to see the film in their country, Brazil, as well as on the big screen. Meanwhile, @harshgusain1155, who is in love with the trailer's non-stop action, can see it succeeding at a larger scale.

"This movie deserves more than just Netflix," @harshgusain1155 posted. "It needs global theater." 

Just as important as a film's distribution is its presentation, and others can envision "Extraction 2" playing on the biggest and best screens. For instance, Redditor u/TommyShelbyPFB was riveted by the trailer and hopes to see it in either Dolby or IMAX.

Netflix's theatrical releases have historically been either festival exclusives or for a limited time to qualify for awards, but that could change. Given that the first "Extraction" remains one of the streamer's most successful original films and how action franchises like"John Wick 4" are blowing up the box office, it would be foolish for Netflix to ignore this option entirely.